Mayor calls primary results a ‘wake-up call’

City Councillor at Large Judith Flanagan- Kennedy’s 200 vote primary write in plurality over incumbent Mayor Edward “Chip” Clancy was a shocker for Clancy – and a shocker as well for Flanagan-Kennedy.

“It was a real wake-up call for me. I didn’t get my vote out. Now my campaign team will work to get my vote out on Election Day,” Clancy told the Journal.

As for Flanagan-Kennedy, she told the Journal she was just as surprised by her stunning finish as Clancy was.

“Our only goal was getting on the ballot,” she said.

“That I received 3200 votes shows that people are tired of the same old way at city hall and want a new approach – and I don’t believe I’ve shot my cannon fodder with the write in victory,” she added.

Clancy told the Journal that his campaign team will include a top to bottom, get the vote out on Election Day effort.

“We’ve identified my vote. We have a large base. We will do everything that is humanly possible to get out our vote on Election Day,” he said.

Flanagan – Kennedy is also doing the tried and true strategies as she and her campaign staff go about the task of identifying her vote and getting it out on Election Day.

“Identifying the vote can be miss-leading,” she said. “Some people who have Clancy signs in their front yards voted for me and I know this,” she said.

“This is not a traditional race that we’re involved in this time around,” she added.

Traditional or not, with software and the voting record in hand, Clancy’s operatives and supporters have a game plan in front of them.

On Election Day, the behind the scenes organizers will assess the vote that has come out in every ward and precinct in the city. One by one, if they have not yet voted, they will be visited at their homes, telephoned and e-mailed – and then, if necessary, a ride will appear to take them to the polls.

In addition, Clancy’s team has reassessed his advertising needs.

Long hours with key strategists and local supporters have been spent in an attempt to achieve the right message at the right time when many voters appear fed up with city government in general.

Clancy believes his record speaks for itself – and he wants to run on that record.

“There is unrest this year. We recognize that. It is something, I believe, that every candidate must deal with,” Clancy added.

Flanagan-Kennedy said she can feel her support magnifying.

“People are coming in everyday to sign up to help out. I’ve experienced a significant increase in contributions as well,” she said.

With five weeks to go, both mayoral candidates are in a very traditional contest during a unique time when there is considerable voter apathy as well as unrest.

Flanagan-Kennedy withdraws name from at-large race

Believing that you can’t wear two hats on one head at the same time, Councillor at Large Judith Flanagan-Kennedy has officially withdrawn her name from the at-large race.

In a letter to the Lynn City Clerk, she has asked that her name be dropped from the ballot for the Election Day finale.

As such, her name will not appear on the ballot for an at-large position.

Her name will, however, appear on the ballot as a candidate for mayor.

– Joshua Resnek

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