Lynn Cam

October 7, 2009

Once again, we want to compliment the directors and producers of the programming on Lynn Cam for outstanding work in the interest of the community at large.

During a recent viewing of Lynn Cam, we watched with awe, a Girls, Inc. advertisement that was absolutely stunning in message and intent and so wonderfully well done that is deserves mention.

It was an advertisement depicting a young woman trying, in her own mind, to make decisions about having sex, and getting pregnant and not using birth control – and this internal dialogue all taking place in a park where kids are playing.

It is a brilliantly conceived and executed advertisement.

Artistically, it is compelling and beautiful, thought provoking and so, so real.

We never believed we’d find such interesting viewing on Lynn Cam – but we have, over and over.

Lynn Cam is one of Lynn’s greatest unheralded resources.

More attention should be paid to it.

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