Rohnstock backs Clancy

David Rohnstock has endorsed Mayor Edward “Chip” Clancy and will be supporting him for re-election in November.

Rohnstock came in a distant third behind Judith Flanagan Kennedy and the mayor.

“Clancy is the better choice. Judith Flanagan Kennedy is a big crap shoot. Just because Clancy isn’t the best doesn’t mean she’ll be any better,” he told the Journal during an interview Monday afternoon.

Rohnstock said he informed Clancy of his decision, that Clancy was supportive of his decision and thanked him.

He said he can now be found holding a Clancy for Mayor sign during visibilities nearly everyday.

“I think Flanagan-Kennedy will turn things for the worse. I think the city will go into receivership if she’s elected,” said Rohnstock.

Rohnstock said when former mayor Patrick McManus died he was approached by a wide variety of unions and people with special interests in the city who promised they would support him if he promised to support them.

“I refused,” he said.

“She is their puppet,” he said of Flanagan-Kennedy.

“I think Clancy is the way to go,” he said.

Rohnstock described himself as a businessman, the owner of a small hedge fund who is originally from Wellesley.

– Joshua Resnek

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