Election Day

All eyes are on the mayor’s race today as the city goes to the polls in what has become a hotly contested race.

Mayor Edward Chip Clancy appears to have marshalled his forces since his stunning loss in the primary to Judith Flanagan Kennedy – who won a write-in by 200 votes.

However, both sides were predicting victory as the campaign came down the wire over the weekend.

If all things are equal – and they rarely are in politics – Clancy’s base, which is clearly larger than Flanagan Kennedy’s, should come out instead of remaining home as it did on primary day.

Clancy’s literature and advertising as well as his public appearances and campaigning have dwarfed Flanagan-Kennedy’s since the primary.

However, no one in their right mind in this city is willing to declare Clancy or Flanagan Kennedy the winner until all the votes have been counted.

Both candidates will be hindered by a lighter than expected vote.

In the at-large political race, Council President Tim Phelan is expected to top the ticket while Paul Crowley and Daniel Cahill are expected to draw large votes.

It remains to be seen who will take over Flanagan Kennedy’s empty seat.

Lynn is expecting about 25% of its registered voters to come out and to vote.

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