The Lynn fire chief issue

With a Superior Court case and union involvement and civil service and all kinds of arcane rules and regulations, appointing a new Lynn Fire Chief has taken on the appearance of the recently enacted national health care bill which ran more than 1000 pages.

Why can’t the mayor simply appoint the best man for the job in this instance?

Why can’t the most qualified man for the job be appointed on merit?

Why all the legal mumbo jumbo about appointing a new chief?

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy is saying it may take weeks to settle the issue before the process can begin anew to choose a new chief.

Firefighters local 739 claims the chief issue can not be settled until the deputy chief issue is put to bed.

This is all about arbitration – and at times, arbitration can be made to look ridiculous when it comes to merit.

Appointments to ranking positions in the fire department should be made on qualifications – not seniority – not personality – not on legal whim and maneuver.

We trust and we hope the mayor keeps this in mind when she finally makes her decision.

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