Catholic Schools Week sends strong message

Pope Benedict the XVI has shown how the Catholic Church is approaching the future by maintaining the excellence of its traditions.

Catholic School education is the bulwark of Catholicism in America. The education of Catholic children all over the nation is benefiting from the church looking forward instead of back and from Catholic parents everywhere, who continue to show a great deal of interest in providing their children with a Catholic education.

Catholic education hasn’t just changed – it has changed for the better.

During this week of celebration, when a critical eye is placed on the various Catholic schools, parents should make plans to explore and measure exactly where their children will be attending school during the 2010-2011 school year.

Here in Lynn, St. Mary’s School represents about the very best in Catholic School education.

The week will be marked with the opportunity for parents to explore the possibilities at St. Mary’s, and at the Sacred Heart School and a St. Pious as well as the many Catholic schools in the area committed to excellence.

At St. Mary’s, there is a diverse mix of students from 17 cities and towns.

Sacred Heart and St. Pious also have diverse student bodies in their Pre-K – 8th Grade classes.

The St. Pious School concentrates on comprehensive quality Catholic education. In addition, there is before school, after school and extended day Pre-K.

Also, St. Pious offers innovative technology and the full measure of curriculum that makes for a good school – art, music, technology, athletics and computer instruction.

Sacred Heart offers the same solid commitment to Catholic values with a full day Kindergarten, before and after school extended day programs with tuition assistance available.

Like St. Pious and the others, Sacred Heart has a rigorous academic curriculum.

Last year alone more than $50,000 in scholarships were awarded St. Mary’s students.

The St. Mary’s vision is a school where all students receive a rigorous quality college preparatory academic experience in keeping with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

St. Mary’s strives to form leaders who love God, work hard and are compassionate toward others; thus enabling its students to develop their intellectual, moral and physical talents to acquire a more perfect sense of individual responsibility, a correct use of freedom and a capacity for productive participation in society.

The core values at St. Mary’s are: preserving a strong Catholic identity by providing a faith based education aiding students to see themselves as stewards of the life they live and promoting the values of community and service.

And the opportunities are abundant.

There are distinguished Catholic Schools in Brighton – Mount St. Joseph Academy, in Boston’s North End-St. John School, in Everett – St. Anthony School and Pope John and in Chelsea – the St. Rose School. In addition, East Boston has a wonderful school – Central Catholic School.

From January 31 – February 6, it is Catholic School Week.

Explore and enlighten yourself if you are a parent seeking a Catholic School education for your children.

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