Mayor releases funds previously withheld

Mayor Judith Flanagan-Kennedy has released final payments to former staffers who worked for Mayor Edward Chip Clancy following an investigation into the validity of the payments that were ordered.

“I inherited shoddy files and so I withheld payment until such time that determinations could be made,” the mayor said.

She said the vacation and sick time information was incomplete and in places was not documented properly as required by law.

In some instances,” she said, “there were no files or information whatsoever left in the mayor’s office when the Clancy-Flanagan-Kennedy changeover took place last January.

“From now on the accumulation of sick time and vacation pay will be properly and efficiently recorded in the various offices here at city hall in order to keep a handle on such expenses,” she said.

“I was left with nothing, and that wasn’t right. I won’t allow such a situation to be perpetuated in any office at city hall.”

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