Ban pit bulls

Now that yet another resident of the this city has been mauled by a pit bull, I wonder, what purpose exactly do pit bull terriers serve for the owners?

More importantly, what service do they serve for us, the residents of his city?

The answer in both cases is nothing.

Pit bulls by their nature are ferocious animals.

They are attack dogs – and they often attack.

They love violence and mayhem.

They enjoy mauling people they do not know.

They are strong, so strong, that when attacking police, the police tend to shoot first and ask questions later.

They do no-one any good and wherever they live, there is the potential for disaster.

Such was the case last week when a pit bull tried to maul a 76 year old Eastern Avenue resident.

In fact, the pit bull did maul her, and in such a way, that she was taken to the hospital bleeding profusely and was stitched up by doctors.

The pit-bull was put down, as it should have been.

In fact, it should have been put down before it had the chance to maul the 76 year old Eastern Avenue woman.

By our count, this is the 12th incidence of pit bull mauling of a local person in the past three years. This is just a guess approximation.

Pit bulls living in this city have mauled grandmothers, children, infants, men and women, just about anyone they feel like mauling.

How many innocent residents must be mauled by pit bulls in this city before they are outlawed?

Of course, I’ve been told by pet lovers and those who claim to know that pit-bulls are loving animals, that most pit bulls are gentle by nature and that they would never hurt a soul.


I don’t buy into that, and those mauled by pit bulls in this city certainly won’t buy into it, either.

In this city where so much of what we do is regulated by rules and regulations, perhaps it would be a good idea to out-law pit bulls for the public good.

How many more maulings of innocents by pit bulls are necessary before the city does the right thing to protect its residents?

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  1. Advocate1
    May 6, 2010 at 10:21 am

    What a CROCK of CRAP…do your homework! Does anyone ever ask why the pit attacked in the first place? Was the dog provoked? Pit Bulls are a wonderful breed, it's the OWNERS that don't treat them right…so instead of blaming a 'breed' and discriminating against them, start by finding out about them first! I know many people who have pitbulls who lick me to death!!!!! They are not vicious animals and I'm sick and tired of the MEDIA who portrays this. Does the media ever do positive stories on pits? Not that I've ever seen. Again, do your homework before reporting on a wonderful breed!

  2. pit lover
    May 6, 2010 at 10:23 am

    your article is one of the most ignorant articles i have ever read. you obviously know nothing of the breed, you ignorant asshole.

    in fact, anybody who agrees with this article is an ignorant piece of shit.

  3. Advocate1
    May 6, 2010 at 10:27 am

    What a CROCK of CRAP! Do your homework first regarding pits. I have several friends who own pits and they lick me to death!!!! Does the media ever report the great things pits do and in actuality what kind of dog they are? NO. You might want to ask yourself what provoked this dog in the first place. I'm so sick and tired of people make derogatory comments on pits who know nothing about them and reporting all the bad things they do. Pits are great dogs!!!! It's the owners who are the idiots! Does anyone ever report a dog bite by small dogs? They bite more that pits, but they're seldom reported. If people are going to scream about this, they need to do research and find out the truth!!!!

  4. May 6, 2010 at 10:29 am

    The fact remains that a dog becomes what its owner makes it. There are rare exceptions where there's really something wrong with the dog that no training can fix. We had neighbors who had a black Lab, & that dog wasn't quite right from the beginning. They worked with him, & he was pretty much OK, but after a meter reader sprayed the fenced-in dog with mace (the jerk was walking outside the fence), the dog went off the deep end, biting several people before finally being put down. This can happen with ANY breed. Keeping a dog chained, not spaying/neutering, not properly socializing the dog, & not understanding your own limitations in handling the dog are the main factors in a dog's behavior.

    Also, please remember that once 1 breed is banned, the criminal element will choose another breed. This has happened with German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, & now Pits. How many breeds are you willing to ban? What happens when they come after YOUR dog? Breed bans do nothing but penalize the good dogs & their owners; the criminal element & bad owners will just hide their dogs (or, as mentioned, find another “bad” breed of dog for their image). Are we to become a society that only allows poodles?

    It's almost ALWAYS the owner!

  5. Jon
    May 6, 2010 at 10:38 am

    I think you all need to stop looking at them as vicious creatures. Look at the bs around us with PEOPLE! Honestly, do you think that Pitts are truly that savage!? I myself am a Pitt Bull owner, and let me tell you something – she's the best damn dog I ever had. She was adopted from an abusive animal shelter in Pennsauken, NJ that's no longer there. My ex-wife has her now due to our split, but we had her since 7 months old – she's going to be 7 this year, on my birthday, and she is the most gentle dog you'd ever come across. Sure, she gets happy and excited with other animals and over playful sometimes, but that's just her personality. She has never bit anyone, and she also only growls at people she doesn't trust (very rare) who strike her as potentially bad. And at times will growl if something is stirring that shouldn't. Do you know they are actually some of the best dogs to have as family pets? They are one of the most loyal companions of the bunch, extremely intelligent (though yes, my “baby gurl” as I'd call her and yes spelled like that, has done some silly things in her life that I dubbed her “stupid puppy. However, she's very intelligent). Finally, consider the other people that raise them. Most people that raise them are trailer trash, drug dealers and those I call “typical” people – the society that's ghetto and ironically are usually afraid of dogs. Theresa, I do apologize for what had happened to your husband and dog and nephew. However, you need to consider that even now Dobermans, German Shepards, Rottwielers, even Mastives and Great Danes are getting put on this list. Here's something to consider….are all black people necessary drug dealing crooked scum? No, they aren't. Unfortunately a lot of them we see are. Do we say they should be put down? No, we don't. If a marriage goes bad, does that mean we should kill the priest or the opposite lover? Well, it's debatable, I suppose. However, the right answer is no. Therefore, while I understand you have fear of pitts now that your husband and dog were attacked, you need to truly see how they are when they're raised and loved properly. My little “stupid puppy”, as I so loved to call her was very spoiled. And, she knows several commands, and learned 5 or 6 in her first week with us. To the rest of you – especially to you whom writ the article – get your facts and get to know the dog before making asses and assume all pitts are bad and all people that have them are not bad. If you're still unmoved after this, then you all need to stfu and perhaps be wiped off the face of the planet. Just remember, for every bad pitt bull owner there is, there's probably 4 or 5 that are really great owners with a great dog. And finally, let me give you an insight to animal cruelty Theresa, and if this doesn't move you, then you really are a cold and heartless bitch. A few months ago a father in Philadelphia had taken a young pitt puppy and in front of his kids, doused it in lighter fluid and set it ablaze with a cigarette! The puppy made it and was in recovery. So you consider your sources and your surroundings before you make your final judgments. It's people out there that don't have all of the facts or who're too ignorant that need to really be educated. Otherwise, like I said – stfu.

    May 6, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Get a life

  7. Brenda
    May 6, 2010 at 10:47 am

    There are no bad dogs just bad owners that need to take responsibility of their dog. Dog hurts or kills the owner is given a life sentence not just the dog! Leave my dog alone! My pit bull is kind, loving, caring, loves babies, and if anyone attacked my i know she would hurt them because that is what she is about, Protection. I stand by my dog and I am against DOG FIGHTER……….. GET THE OWNERS NOT THE DOG.

  8. Gypsy Rose
    May 6, 2010 at 10:52 am

    You are disgusting. You are Bias Fool and I have plenty to back me me up! Shut up or I will get the pention and put this epic LIE to rest!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. May 6, 2010 at 10:54 am

    If the irresponsible dog owners had been following existing laws, as well as properly socializing their dogs, getting them spayed/neutered, not chaining them for hours on end, & supervising small children around the dogs, I could guarantee that most (if not all) of these attacks wouldn't have occurred. Penalize bad owners, enforce leash laws & establish laws for humane treatment, & you'll see that no breed ban was needed at all. It's all in the training & treatment: Bans only penalize good dog owners & good dogs.

    Also, some people forget that terriers have a high prey drive, meaning that small moving creatures get them excited & they WILL chase (another reason to never run from a dog). Training & socializing of dogs, as well as instruction to children who will be around dogs, are vital to preventing tragedies.

  10. Denise
    May 6, 2010 at 11:00 am

    I tell you this. I would not trade my Pit for anyother breed. She is Loyal, loving and protects me. It is owners that need to be made to be responsable for their pets. Pitbulls are being profiled. There are lots of other breeds that bite people but you never hear about them. You will have to go through me first to get to my pit..

  11. proudpitowner
    May 6, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Plain and simple, if you put any dog, regardless of breed in a back yard with hardly and food or water, never socialize it plus train it to be aggresive, you will get the same results! These animals only know what they are taught! Pits are people pleasers, they are very willing to learn. The problem is what our society is teaching them. I have been a proud owner of a pit for the past 10 yrs and never have had ANY aggresion problems with any of my dogs. In fact just a month ago my 75 lb. male pit was attacked by 2 Malteses who got off the owners leash, most of you are thinking…Oh no, my dog must have shredded them, but it was the complete opposite. They ran up and my dog hit the ground on his back and was completely submissive to these 2 dogs that were a third of his size. Now I have read many statements saying that these dogs are breed to not be submissive at all, that they are breed to attack. My dog had the perfect chance to do all the things that you say ALL pits do…but didnt. ANY animal can be trained to be harmful. Just like any human can be harmful…its the way they are raised. Does that mean we should kill all one race of humans because one race may kill more than the other. Doesnt make sense.BSL is not the answer. Peop

  12. Terri
    May 6, 2010 at 11:21 am

    Are you kidding me? Before you right anything you should have some facts. Pitbulls are NOT attack dogs by nature. They are dogs that only want to please their owners. The only fact that you have in this articile is that apparently a pit attack an older person and was put down. You don't even know how many incidents have happened. Do some real research before you put your ignorant statements into print.

  13. Patrick
    May 6, 2010 at 11:21 am

    Wow. What absolute arrogant ignorance. You obviously have not done enough OBJECTIVE and FACTUAL research. What complete BS. You call yourself a journalist? What a complete shame and laugh. You are a Fearmonger. You are an irresponsible small-minded bigoted Fearmonger.

    There is a Dog Statistics study done on every dog each year showing what dogs are more aggresive than others. ATTS – Amercian Temperament Test Society. A score above 80% is good and below 80% indicates a high propensity for biting.

    Dalmation 81.8%
    Husky 86.6%
    German Shepard 83.5%
    Rotts 82.6%
    Mastiff 83.9%
    American Pit Bull Terrier 84.3%
    American Staffordshire 83.4%
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier 85.3%
    Boxer 84.3

    Now the coveted *safe* little dogs..
    Collie 53.3%
    Bichon Frise 79.3%
    Corgi 75.4%
    Chihuahua 70.3%
    Dachshund 70.2%
    Setter 75%
    Schnauzer 75.5%
    Lhasa Apso 69.2%

    Do your FACTUAL research before you judge. Yes, pit bulls bite. ALL dogs have the potential to bite. All ANIMALS have the potential to bite. All PEOPLE have to potential to harm, too. Owners are like parents – all children have to potential to be destructive and violent and maim and kill. It is up to the owner/parent to responsibly raise their dogs/kids, to properly socialize them, and to not use them as weapons of violence.

    – – – – – – – – –
    FICTION: Some breeds of dogs are more likely to seriously injure people than other
    breeds of dogs.

    FACT: The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), in an open letter,
    states: “. . . the data contained within this report 1CANNOT be used to infer any
    breed-specific risk for dog bite fatalities [emphasis in the original] . . .”

    FACT: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), on its web site, states: “It [same
    study mentioned above] does not identify specific breeds that are most likely to bite or
    kill, and thus is not appropriate for policy-making decisions related to the topic.”
    – – – – – – – – – –
    FICTION: Tabulating serious incidents by breed represents the most
    forward-thinking approach, and holds the most promise for reducing serious incidents.

    FACT: CDC researchers have not attempted to correlate dog bite related fatalities
    with breed attributions since 1998. “Many practical alternatives to breed-specific policies
    exist and hold promise for preventing dog bites.” [from CDC website]

    FACT: The NCRC’s investigation into 40+ years of fatal dog attacks has
    identified poor ownership/management practices involved in the overwhelming majority
    of these incidents, over 90%. Humane care, custody and control of all dogs represents
    the most forward-thinking approach and holds the most promise for safer, more humane

    The best solution would be to hold responsible the OWNERS of aggressive dogs. To prosecute THEM. RESPONSIBLE dog owners with known aggressive dogs DO NOT place them in situations where they run around uncontrolled or unsupervised or unrestrained.

    And from my own experience: I have a rescued pit bull and a Chihuahua. Both dogs have gone to obedience school and socialization classes. They get exercised regularly, and they are not irresponsibly babied or confusingly treated like little humans. They are always leashed when outside of our fenced yard. They know many commands, among them how to sit, stay, lie down, come, leave it, and go inside (the house).

    My pit bull is the epitome of “nanny dog” with my 4-y.o. son. She lies down right next to him when he plays, follows him around the house and blocks or herds him away from steps and doors. My Chihuahua is feistier BY NATURE than my pit bull, and he is not allowed to play unsupervised with my son because he tries to be dominant, and we worry about him nipping. My son's biggest fear about our pit bull? He's worried about being licked to death.

    Stop spreading your ignorant bigotry. Be a REAL journalist by going out and doing some ACTUAL RESEARCH first.

  14. Dee
    May 6, 2010 at 11:22 am

    So sorry about Betsy..She was a hero..

  15. proudpitowner
    May 6, 2010 at 11:26 am

    Jennifer makes a great point…Terriers do have high prey drive because in fact,in the beginning these animals were breed to hunt just like every other Terrier out there. We do have to realize that they are indeed animals and do have animalistic instincts as do all other breeds of dogs.

  16. Terri
    May 6, 2010 at 11:30 am

    PitVitcim you need to not write anything else. You have NO idea what you are talking about. Do research from both sides all you are doing is quoting other ignorant people. If you want to sound credible know what you are talking about.

  17. Char
    May 6, 2010 at 11:31 am

    I am an owner of 2 pit bulls…
    Ditto the comments of Trey and Tina.

    The media is to blame for the hysteria about pits.
    They rarely report stories about other breed that attack.
    They are dogs…the potential is there for any breed to bite.
    Take a closer look at the owners and how they raise their animals.
    Look at the WHOLE story, not just the headline.
    I myself was bitten in the face by a Belgium shepherd.
    That was never in the news.

  18. wendy henry
    May 6, 2010 at 11:34 am

    in reply to Steve Ogle,
    It is a sick society that not only allows but encourages people to deny responsibility for there actions.The reason your chickens and sheep were “mutilated” was because you unfortunately have an ass for a neighbor. I am sure that if your neighbor has children,friends,or a significant other -they are probably just as ill behaved and irresponsible as your neighbor and his dogs.If he owned German shepards,rottweilers,mutts, labs,hounds,australian cattle dogs or dalmations -they most likely would have exhibited the same behavior as the behavior of the “pits” is an exhibition of poor training poor socializing and encouraged bad behavior by said ass neighbor.

    Question – how do you calssify a dog as a “pit” What criteria do you use – appearance,knowledge of the dogs breeding, paperwork ect…. ? Wikipedia pit bulls – the results are surprising.
    My brother in law raised livestock in Maine and has a pure bred German shepard.He lost all of his spring chicks as Tracker thought they would be fun to play with.He re-designed his chicken coop and run and hasn't had a problem since.Tracker is smart enough to leave the bulls alone but if he had a “pack mate” he would probably try his luck with them. Its not the breed – its the training/socialization and management of the individual dog.

    May 6, 2010 at 11:44 am

    you are an uneducated biased person. a dog is a dog no matter what the breed. how it is raised and trained is how it acts. the owner is the one responsible. why is that we are quick to judge a animal that can not talk to defend it's self but we don't hold the owner accountable? if you do your research then you will find that jack russell terriers are the number 1 biters. the reason you don't see that on the news is because they are smaller than pit bulls. if a dog is raised and trained with a loving and respectful hand then it will be a model of the breed. DON'T PUNISH THE BREED PUNISH THE BAD OWNER. THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS ONLY BAD OWNERS. IF YOU PUNISH THE ONE ON 4 LEGS AND A LEASH YOU NEED TO PUNISH THE ONE HOLDING THE LEASH ON 2 LEGS.

  20. May 6, 2010 at 11:48 am

    If idiots did not own Pitbulls and they only had Chiuauas and bred and trained them to attack then they would be the most feared dog. It is simply just that Pitbulls have tons of potential to do serious damage, but don't look at the dog. Look at the person holding, or not holding, the leash. Some people get their kicks from knowing that they own something that can protect them and use them to attack anything. Those people are insecure and severely mentally damaged. Do not base all dogs on one Pitbull with one bad owner. Come over my house and the worst thing that my two Pitbulls will do is lick you to death, yes, even if you are ignorant. Both of them were rescued from Pittie Love Rescue in Framingham, MA. The male was trained to fight, and when he lost one, he was dumped on the street with holes in his face and chest. The officer that found him said that he was so sick that he could not even walk. Two months later that same dog was sleeping in MY bed. I couldn't have ever asked for a better dog. I use to have a Dalmation and a Rotwilder and none of my friends liked them because they were snippy. My friends are all absolutely in love with my Pitbulls. One friend calls my male “Love Machine”. So, until the day that one person goes and meets EVERY single pitbull and has something bad to say then BLAME THE OWNERS NOT THE DOGS!!! BAN BREED STRICT LEGISLATION!! You wouldn't want me to come confiscate your Jack Russell Terrier!!

  21. Laura
    May 6, 2010 at 11:50 am

    You article adds NOTHING to intelligent discourse on pit bulls. You are unfairly using this newspaper as a platform to shoot your mouth off while RESPONSIBLE owners, like myself, who invest the time in training and socializing their dogs have little to no voice. What you've sunk to is pathetic fear mongering AT BEST.

    Have you ever stopped to consider the quality of life for these animals who have attacked people? If provided with a stable environment with clear boundaries and an disciplined owner, a lot of the problems would be avoided. Pit bulls are one of the highest-rated breeds for stable temperament and affection towards humans.

    I am a responsible pit-mix owner. She is safely and humanely kenneled when my husband and I are at work, with plenty of treats, toys, blankets and a view out the window. She does not bark or growl and is submissive to rat terriers, pugs, and yorkies, much less than 1/3 her size. She wags her tail and lets the neighborhood kids pet her on (leashed) morning walks. For you to say that all pit bulls should be banned prevents GOOD owners from raising GOOD dogs and increases the likelihood of more poorly trained dogs with problem owners who didn't follow leash laws or neighborhood courtesies in the first place.

    And BTW, the all-hallowed Labrador Retriever bites more often than Pit Bulls do, but it's rarely reported on the evening news.)

  22. fed up
    May 6, 2010 at 11:52 am

    At first I was extremely upset by not only the article but the comments I read following. Then it became entertaining, and after a while infuriating again. All I can tell you is what I know from personal experience. When I was younger my brother (then about 4) was attacked by our Golden Retriever. He almost lost an eye but thankfully just got stitches out of it. He pestered that dog for years and she finally snapped. Did we put her down? No. Did she ever bite anyone again? No. She was the best dog anyone could have ever asked for, once my brother quit poking her eyes and pulling her tail etc. Over the years I have received two major dog bites. One was from a recently rescued Saint Bernard and the other a friend's Dalmatian. Neither attack was provoked. As of right now I have to endure nips and bites from a Collie, two Bichons, and a rather aggressive Lab owned by different friends of mine.

    Now lets jump to the Pits. I always liked them but never was really around any until I moved in with my roommate two years ago. She had a Pit/Lab mix, another Lab mix, and a recent addition of a stray Pit that wandered into her yard. The Pit/Lab mix was way less aggressive than the Lab mix, though neither showed any human aggression. The Pit on the other hand was a bit of a wreak. He jumped all over people, he nipped, and he bullied the other two dogs. This being said, the dog literally wandered into her yard in the middle of winter, paws frozen and half starved. The vet concluded he was probably kept on a short chain on concrete due to the condition of his feet and nails. He's terrified of eating out of containers so obviously what little food was given to him was probably just thrown on the ground, and he hadn't been neutered. A year later and that dog is the picture of an amazing companion. He is gentle and patient and more lazy than anything. He does still try to dominate the other dogs but not in a mean way, mostly just jumping on them or taking their toys (without a bit or growl or fuss). After moving out of her house and into my own apartment I adopted a Pit/Lab mix that had been found kicked unconscious by a group of teenagers in a park. She was three months old. I raised her to be my service dog. She looks like a Pit but with the size of a Lab so there is no hiding what she is and I have had to deal with amazing resistance having her in public with me, but the people who either know her or know Pits think she is an amazing dog. The first time I heard her growl it scared the daylights out of me because I had her for almost a year before I heard it. I had her in her create for the night and I will never forget that terrifying sound. It woke me out of a dead sleep. It just happened that my neighbors were having a party and a drunk man was trying to open my bedroom window. I'm assuming the dog deterred him and I am extremely thankful for that. Since then I've heard her bark a handful of times. She is the most amazing dog I could have ever hoped for. I walk her twice a day for an hour at least, she gets a well balanced diet, I socialized her shortly after I got her, and make an effort to keep her around new dogs and new people so she doesn't end up becoming anti-social. I truly believe that she had a good heart but proper dog training and care kept it that way.

    I don't know much about statistics except that I played the “understand-a-bull” “Find a Pit” game and got it on the first try, however, every other person I've ever showed it to takes at least four or five guesses. I believe the only reason I got it right is because the Pit looks exactly like my old roommate's Pit. Facts aside again all I know is what I've experienced. My old roommate's Pit was a mess when she got him but proper care and exercise has made him an extraordinary dog. My own dog is a doll. This does not mean that all are. I know most can and are products of their environment and some are just victims of bad genetics. This happens with ALL breeds. It's never one direct cause. Environment/Circumstance/Training/Genetics. That's what goes into a dog attack. To specifically single out genetics is unfair to a dog breed as a whole. This whole argument over it is immature and ugly. To simply call people names over and over is NOT the proper way to get your point across. There is name calling on BOTH sides. And BOTH sides are pretty bad at listening to the other. I think as a society we need to grow up and also maybe focus on the owners of these dog attack related animals and not the dogs themselves. I would like to see legislation passed for some kind of fine and community service at least for owners of vicious dog attacks (no matter the breed). Perhaps punishing the owners will stop them from having a dog destroyed because of an attack only to go out and get yet another dog and another and another. If we truly want to break the cycle of violence you can't only focus on one arch.

    And I'm sure this will get ripped to shreds by someone but I don't care. Say all the mean things you want, call me what ever names, but I'm glad that I never have to fear losing the one thing keeping my life together.

  23. May 6, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    man i'm about rtired of hearin this bullshit talkin about pits by someone who has obivously has never owned one before.. well i tell you what you come on kdown to the dirty, dirty south arkansas n i'll show you an aggressive pitbull attack….i'd be all over you like stank on shit… you ever stopped to ask if maybe the owner is responsible for the dog bein ferocious? Over the span of 24 yrs i have owned over a thousand pitbulls, only once has someone been bitten by one of my dogs, that's because the man put his hand in the dogs way while the dog was in a scuffle with another dog. i have a closet and a storage shed full of pictures and videos of me and friends as children attackin several game bred fighting dogs(my father and grandfather were pit men) now these dogs were bred to fight, they were bred to kill.. dogs not humans…none of us were attacked maybe because of their breeding, there is a certain way to do it, you look for traits in a dog that you like and thats what you breed that dog for.. now i know that fighting them is not right either thats y i've chosen not tto carry on the family tradition…. but you, you the kinda bitch i'd make my dog attack! wait nah then i'd have to shoot him for eatin shit because thats exactly what you are a piece… do a lil history for yourself pitbulls aren't even in the top twenty for dog bites.. the only reason they are reconized so often for dog bites when others aren't is because of the power in their jaws and the damage they do when they put those jaws of life on something.(hopefully you someday)… i'llvgive you this they usually are animal aggressive but thats what has been bred into them and if you raise them and train them not to be then they won't be.. grow some balls bitch… do some background checks and history lessons before you start runnin them dick beaters..

  24. wendy henry
    May 6, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Lynn Journal should be ashamed and embarrassed. You have degraded your paper with crappy,CHEAP journalism.
    If your individual “journalists” want to post opinions then post to the “letters” page.But to put forth your sensationalized opionion ,state it as a “news article” based on fact is ludicrous.The only redeeming attribute to this article is that it is written on a third grade level and very obvious in its bullshit.

    Any one wanting actual CREDIBLE information on dog bite statistics – the CDC (Center for Disease control) has compiled stats and info regarding dog bites from the last thirty years or so.
    If you have trouble finding that info -the easy way is to look up “pit bulls” on wikipedia.
    As a kennel worker, and dog groomer I have handled many different breeds of dogs. I have been bitten at least four times – none were pit mixes( chow ,chesapeek bay retriever , dalmation and my worst bite -American eskimo). In all instances the bites were due to the ignorence of the owners.Like parents who have ill behaved children -the same is true with dog owners that have ill behaved dogs.
    If you want to end dog bites/attacks, you should ban ignorence -we could start with the staff of the Lynn Journal.

  25. Chris
    May 6, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    Great reply .. My 2 Pits, My wife and I thank you … too bad the “journalist” couldn't do the research you did …

  26. Krista
    May 6, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    Awesome reply!!! Someone actually did their research! I can think of someone who should have.

  27. Samantha
    May 6, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    i think you need to be outlawed. hey did you hear about the pomeranian who killed a 6 week old baby girl. they need to be banned. it's the stupid people out there who have no education on pit bulls. if the media wouldn't make pit bulls out to be so scary, then maybe people wouldn't show fear to pit bulls. did you not know that dogs, in general, not just pits, feed off of energy we put out? if someone is approached by a pit bull, they need not be scared. it is a dog's nature to go after anything that fears it. don't be scared! you people put all the blame on pitbulls and never the idiotic people that raise them to be mean or the stupid idiots that show fear to these dogs. studies show pits are smarter, and they are probably smarter than the stupid B%[email protected] that wrote this column. my suggestion for scared little b^%^&s like you is to go to a shelter and ask to spend some time with one of the pits. you will see they are gentle and kind and loving and very very loyal. you people don't know shit so shut up. you all kill me. when i was little i was bitten by a german shephard, nobody tries to ban them. what about rottweiler attacks on people. people are so scared of pitbulls because of the media, they only show pit attacks because they have it out for them. guess what God created all creatures and all should be created equal. to me you are prejudice, and if you are prejudice against a dog then you must be prejudice against people who aren't the same color as you. you people need to get a clue. watch some pit bull videos on you tube and then tell me how vicious they are you f^&%$ stupid MFs! FU all that think pits should be banned. what they should do is jail the owners of these dogs because they have no idea what they are doing. yes, pits can be dangerous if they are not cared for properly and socialized how they should be. call cesar millan the dog whisperer and let him tell you a little something about pit bulls. they are smarter than you dumb asses that think they should be banned. again FU!

  28. Really?
    May 6, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    This article is bogus. Not once in your article do you ask “where were the owners when the maulings happened?”…not once. Why don't you spend your time trying to get drunk drivers “euthanized” for killing people instead of wasting your time blabbing about pit bulls. I mean, you're essentially suggesting to euthanize/outlaw anything or anyone that poses a threat to another person. Well, while we're at it, let's outlaw pools because babies occasionally fall into them and drown, and airplanes because occasionally they crash and kill hundreds of people. Sorry. You're lame. Must've been a slow news day for you.

  29. samantha
    May 6, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    you're fuckin stupid. that's just another media source that teaches you to fear pits. you are full of shit you stupid fuck. if that was true i would be dead my husband would be dead etc. i can't believe you think we are going to believe something the media says about these dogs. we have statistics showing pits are great dogs. you don't want to believe that so go on with your scared little ass. yes pit bulls can hurt you if they bite but that is because of them being big dogs, no one fears the little dog even though they bite too they just don't have strong jaws, so everyone just swears by the little dogs. what happens when a burglar/murderer breaks into your house? that little dog ain't gonna do shit. now my pit bull will attack someone that breaks into my house and that thug will probably die. my dog loves everyone especially kids. you not only have to educate yourself about the breed before adopting one you have to educate your kids and let others know how to approach your dog. it's not the dogs honey it's the stupid people who think they can just go up to the dog and touch it. the dog has to sniff you and know that you aren't going to harm it. PUNISH THE DEED (or stupid people), NOT THE BREED!!!!

  30. Samantha
    May 6, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    yeah they do attack your face with a slobbery tongue! i watched one just about kill this baby on youtube. this baby was laughing so hard it fell over on it's back and so did the dog. i mean this pit bull just killed that baby. the baby laughed itself to death from being licked by this huge pit.

  31. Bill
    May 6, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    YOU are an ignorant jerk, plain and simple. It is the owners fault and no one elses. If the owner had their dog properly trained and socialized and kept control of it this would never happen. I have wrestled with my pit bulls to get a ball out of their mouths. Not once have I had either of them turn on me. I walk down the street and they walk on a very loose leash because they have been trained and properly socialized.

    I have been bitten a few times by a few small breeds. Guess what? It hurt like hell, especially the one that would not let go of my hand. Is that any better simply because it is a small dog…….NO. Take a look at Patrick's statistics and stop using your position as a so called “journalist” to push your own ignorance on to others. If you were half the person that my dogs are you would have written your name instead of hiding behind “Journal Staff”. If you don't like my pit bulls or other pit bulls, then saty away from them. Trust me, you are way to insignificant for them to actually care.

  32. samantha
    May 6, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    great post but the new study is that pit bulls scored 93% on the ATTS. i just read it on my facebook. they posted the newest one and the next highest score was 83%. yeah little dogs have more potential to bite but because they are little few fear them.

  33. samantha
    May 6, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    American Temperment Test Society scores below 80 % not good

    Staffordshire Bull Terriers- 93.2%
    American Bull Terriers- 84.1%
    German Shephards- 82.8%
    Cocker Spaniel- 81.5%
    Yorkshire Terrier- 80.0%
    Weimeraner- 79.7%
    Collie- 79.0%
    Doberman Pincher- 76.5%
    Pomeranian- 75.0%
    English Setter- 73.7%
    Bulldog- 68.3%
    Dachsund- 66.7%

    Now, who has done their research. Looks like most comments on here are well researched pit bull owners that agree pits are the best dogs if raised by responsible owners.

  34. Heather Steele
    May 6, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    You are an IDIOT! Do your research before you start throwing stats. around. I think they should put down people that write trash like this.

  35. Liz
    May 6, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    I looked on the ATT website and the most recent data they have listed is at 83%. I would love for the score to be a 93% because it represents the number of dogs that passed out of the dogs tested. This a a good representation of animals because over 600 pits were tested. However, some dogs score 100% but only two were tested. According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association and their empirical report on dog bite prevention as a community based problem,
    “Dog bite statistics are not really statistics, and they
    do not give an accurate picture of dogs that bite.7
    Invariably the numbers will show that dogs from popular
    large breeds are a problem. This should be expected,
    because big dogs can physically do more damage if
    they do bite, and any popular breed has more individuals
    that could bite. Dogs from small breeds also bite
    and are capable of causing severe injury. There are several
    reasons why it is not possible to calculate a bite
    rate for a breed or to compare rates between breeds.
    First, the breed of the biting dog may not be accurately
    recorded, and mixed-breed dogs are commonly
    described as if they were purebreds. Second, the actual
    number of bites that occur in a community is not
    known, especially if they did not result in serious
    injury. Third, the number of dogs of a particular breed
    or combination of breeds in a community is not
    known, because it is rare for all dogs in a community
    to be licensed, and existing licensing data is then
    incomplete.7 Breed data likely vary between communities,
    states, or regions, and can even vary between
    neighborhoods within a community.”

    Just because it was written on facebook doesnt mean it was true.

  36. Wesley Osborne
    May 6, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    You people discust me!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how loving and decent these dog's are. They are family dog's and they are loyal. I am a loving pit bull owner that deeply resents the bullshit you present to the media. Did it ever cross your thick skull that maybe the person did something to make these animals attack? Probably not, your to ignorant for that!!!! Yes, these dogs do have abilities that stand out from the rest. They are power full. They do definitely need to be respected. Deal with your own fears your own way but maybe you should take the time to get to know one of these type dogs before you pass judgment. It's kinda like racism in my eyes accept for the fact that pit's come in all various types of color's.

  37. missiemendosa
    May 6, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Your information that you have published is biased, of course, most news is, but the point is why don't you do more research on the OWNERS of these pit bulls. Pit Bulls are incredibly smart and love attention, unfortuantly they will take negative attention over nothing, they are even happy to get attention from wanna be fighters, gamblers or whatever you want to call them, abusers, etc. Here in Springfield, MO I did research and found more children and people are bit by labs than pit bulls. We have to have our pit bulls registered here, I didnt' like the reasons they gave for the registry law, but it has worked out well I think, because owners have to be more responsible. I think all animals should have the same registry law as pit bulls, it would cut down on abandoned animals, unwanted litters, and abuse. I do not like hearing about people being mauled, but again, the OWNERS need to take responsibilty for their dog. My pit bull, has is own dog he's so smart, he know's to bring his toys in when he takes them out, he loves my four month old baby, he's a rescued pit bull too. I had to work with him, but any other animal would have needed just as much work if they lived through what he lived through. Pit bulls are awesome therapy dogs and are very sensitive to people with disabilities, especially emotinal disabilities. I love mine. I am so sorry for the person you are speaking of in your article I hope they recover well they are in my prayers.

  38. Barbara Fontaine
    May 6, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    I disagree with this article 100%! I have 2 pit mixes – one who had been beaten w/ a baseball bat b/c she refused to be aggressive (per her orignal's human's commands), and a one that is a therapy dog. Our youngest pit mix (who is the therapy dog), often has children climbing all over him, hugging him, and having him involved in their therapy seesions for comfort. We also go visit nursing homes, and his favoirte activity is to climb in the bed of a dementia patient (but only after being invited) and to snuggle as they talk to him about what is going on in their lives (and often try to work out their confusion and frustration while speaking to him). Animals can be taught – such like children… can teach them what is right and wrong, but they will react as to how they feel in that moment. They may regret their actions afterwards, but it won't change how they acted. Pit bulls get such a bad rap as they are often a larger dog and more muscular. This makes them much more intimdating than a pom would..and a lot less lap friendly.

  39. Laura
    May 6, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    PitVictim- It sounds to me just by your name that you or someone you loved was attacked by a pitbull. Did you research that pitbulls life? Did you see if he/she was abused,chained up, left by him/herself for hours on end. Do you even realize that pitbulls were the dogs in WWI and they were called hero's? The first dog ever to win a purple heart in combat was a pitbull.This dog was with the american military but her also went on to win the Republic of France Grande War Medal and was even invited to the White house to meet the then president Woodrow Wilson. After retiring from the military this dog was the mascot for the University of Geargetown's football team. Before pitbulls were used by idiots as fighting dogs they were seen as a family dog. Helen Keller described her pitbull as her best companion dog. During WWII the US Postal Service created a stamp picturing Helen Keller and her pitbull Phiz. Helen Keller was not the only famous person in history to have a pitbull. Some of the others were Laura Ingalls Wilder, Thomas Edison, Fred Astaire, John Steinbeck, Humphrey Bogart, Barbara Eden, and Mary Tyler Moore. Just to name a few. Many men who went off to war during WWI left their wifes and children with pitbulls to keep their family safe because of intimidating look. Petey in the Little Rascals was a pitbull, Buster Brown shoe companies owner had a pitbull, there have been pitbulls in the White house as well, and the main dog that the dog whisper used to help rehabilitate aggressive dogs was a pitbull. That was the dog that Ceasar trusted the best!! May he RIP!! (We love you Daddy!!).
    I myself have a pitbull mix and she is nine years of age. She is the first pitbull I have ever had but out of all the three dogs I have had before her in my life she has never bit or tried to bite anyone. Two of the others did bite. None of them pitbulls. One was a shitzu and it would follow me aroung the house when I was three biting my anckles and not letting go. He did not last long in my house. The other dog a was a Shepard beagle mix who was upset that I was leaving and I tried to get him down stairs and he bit me.
    My mothers parents occasionally breeded Toy Fox Terriers. They always would bite. Sometimes they would grab on to your hand so tight and not let go!! Some dogs a more nippy than others but the only reason pitbulls have a bad rap is because idiot's use them (i.e. Micheal Vick) to fight because they are strong and loyal they follow all comands easy and are very easy to train. Some pitbulls just get bad owners. The only thing my pitbull is guilty of is licking people to dealth, especially her family and little kids. She is very loving and was even right by my side when I was very sick! I would never ever exchange her for any other dog in the world!! So just get your head out of its hole and do proper research. Not just research at the sites that dislike the breed. Plus the person who wrote this artlce didn't do any research at all and really needs to gets a life just like you. I am sorry if you of someone you love got bit by a pitbull but it was probably the owner not the breed!!

    P.S. All info came from the spring 2010 issue of The American Dog

  40. Ala
    May 6, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Really? Can you still afford this kind of ignorance? This is like saying that all unwanted babies should be aborted because they will grow up to be dysfunctional members of society. These dogs are owned by the wrong kind of people and will continue to be until dog ownership laws are more stringent and dog-fighting is taken seriously as a crime. I've seen pit bulls who have had their eyes cut out by human beings, just for fun, that still wag their tails and try to love. Human beings and their ignorance are the root of the problem and until everyone gets a little bit more educated, we will not see an end to this problem. Once pit bulls are no longer the vilified breed another breed will take their place. So how about using your public writing power to actually improve a situation rather than perpetuate ignorance?

  41. rubyamie
    May 6, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Your a stupid bitch, why don't you put a ban on Labrador retrievers they have attacked more people than pitts educate yourself on dogs before you get on your high horse.

  42. PoodleVictim
    May 6, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    You are a moron. Sorry if you had a bad experience with someone's dog. But just like your name says, you will be a victim forever until you empower yourself with some knowledge. I was once attacked by a poodle. Maybe I should call myself PoodleVictim and fear them forever? And clearly- you survived. So stop living in fear and learn something.

  43. reneljr
    May 6, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    well…. I guess with your rationalizations…. we should not let the elderly drive.. they tend to have more accidents than younger people… I guess since over 50% of people in prison are black and commit majority of violent crimes we should outlaw them from your town…. we should outlaw alcohol it kills more people that pittbulls…. we should outlaw cigarettes, due to cancer… we should outlaw cars, they kill more people than any dog… next.. we will have to outlaw your ensure.. I am sure it will kill someone too!

  44. Balou
    May 6, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    Apparently somebody posted this link on a pit lover's website with the directive to “sic 'em!”

  45. princesspitbull
    May 6, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    So you are basically saying that all pit bulls are bad….hmmm, that sounds like just another form of racism. Do you think that all Blacks/Asians/Hispanics/etc. are evil too? Do they ALL enjoy mauling and hurting others?? It's all in how they are raised. Ban the deed, not the breed.

  46. princesspitbull
    May 6, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Maybe you should do some research on these f*****n crackhead gangsta assholes who abuse their pits to make them mean and unstable. They are the ones who should have their heads blown off or rot in jail, not the dogs.

  47. jack_be_nimble
    May 6, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    You are afraid of an animal that you clearly unfamiliar with. Pit Bulls are very loyal animals and as well they love to fight ONLY when taught to do so and that goes for any animal when you think about it and the irony in this statement is more humans more than any animal on this planet love to fight and many have no fear of killing you. A cop will shoot any animal that attacks them depending on their personal familiarity with them.
    You want to irradicate a whole species, did you ever consider what you were actually saying when you wrote this column? Try raising one and after 6 months if you dont like and trust this animal Ill drive from Virginia to take it off your hands. Sugar the fact is some people should never own an animal!

  48. Mark
    May 6, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    In the late 90's early 2000's a brutal and vicious dog attack took place in Texas. In this inncident the family left their 3 day old newborn in the room with their dog for a few mins. The dog proceeded to basically eat the baby; it is to date the most horrifying and brutal attack by a dog. What breed of dog was it you ask, well this attack is credited to a pomeranian. So should we ban pomeranians. I am also the proud owner of a pit bull and 2 german shepherds. My pit bull serves the greatest purpose and not just one she serves three. She is training to become a boarhunter and she is also my protection when im out there. She is so devoted to me that she would give her life in the process of protecting mine but the greatest purpose she serves is that of a diferent nature. I suffer from bipolar disorder as well as depression and she has been my hand hold to pull myself out of a hole I was slowly sinking into. She is my companion, so the next time you think about putting one down, turn to your best friend and kill 'em because thats wat your asking the entire pitbull community to do!

  49. jennifer77
    May 6, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    What is the name of the chicken shit that wrote this article anyway?? You have got to be a chicken shit to write something this full of BS & NOT even put YOUR name on it! It's a good thing I don't live where you do because people & PAPERS like YOU make me sick!! God knows not one knows what they are talking about when it comes to this breed. You probably own a cat & had it's claws removed so YOU didn't get hurt … LOSER!

    Ps. How does it feel to be PREJUDGED by someone that knows NOTHING about you accept what you write. (Still think your an ass-hole though.) Get an education MORON!!

  50. Kitty
    May 6, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    How many maulings by huskies and malamutes are necessary? Chow chows? How about German shepherds, English mastiffs, boxers, dobermans? There are a handful of severe maulings/killings by large breeds every year, and this has been consistent for decades. The breed representation depends on popularity. Right now, sadly, pit bulls are so popular that they are everywhere. They have been very popular since the 1980s. There's no reliable way to gather stats on how many there are, as they are by and large unregistered with kennel clubs (plus the designation of “pit bull” encompasses three different breeds) and many are unlicensed. Plus all the unknown mixes that just look kind of “bulldoggy” and get tossed into the pit bull category for convenience. There are a LOT of them. If pit bulls are inherently vicious, why isn't a kid or two being severely mutilated or devoured every day? By virtue of sheer numbers, pit bulls being a very popular breed should mean that we are constantly being bitten, mauled and killed by them. But we're not. Dogbite numbers are much lower than they were in the 1970s, when pit bulls were much less popular. Severe maulings and deaths have not gone up to scale with the dog population. We have the lowest rate of dogbite in the history of humankind, and there are numerically more pit bulls in this country than ever before.

    Correlation does not imply causation, though–I suspect the lowered dog bite numbers have to do with better enforcement of dog laws like those against tethering, leash laws, etc. Responsible ownership means fewer dog bites, regardless of breed.

    Dogs that maul people (not bite, maul–there is a difference between mauling with intent to kill and normal biting, the latter of which is not usually disfiguring and usually happens for an understandable reason, even if it's not acceptable) have something wrong with them and should certainly be put down. But most pit bulls never maul anyone. It blows my mind every time someone acts as if any breed is uniformly one way or another. Dogs are not automatons, and even if they were, no dog is uniformly bred to rip people's faces off, sorry. All you can say about a breed is they lean a certain way–pit bulls TEND to be “drivey” dogs, like most terriers. They like to bite and hold onto things (another terrier trait), but these things are usually appropriate objects like toys. Not every pit bull is a great fit for every family. But many pits are very good matches for active households, some are very gentle and careful and good with young children, some are very laid back and prefer a quiet household. Most are bold, happy, friendly dogs that are not suspicious of strangers. Some are not, either by lack of socialization or poor temperament or a combination of both–these dogs, if they belong anywhere, belong solely in the hands of a dog-savvy adults-only household (i.e. dog trainers or other people who have less fear of being bitten, know how to handle a neurotic dog and can accurately judge the animal's limits). A fearful, poorly-socialized dog that doesn't get enough exercise is very often dangerous. Breed makes no difference there.

    P.S. Full disclosure: I have a pit bull that I rescued as an adult a few years ago. She is one of the best dogs I've ever known, and I was raised with numerous shelties, American eskimoes, collies, German shepherds, Pekingese, plus a Shih Tzu, a Rottweiler and an Airedale. All very nice dogs, and the Rottweiler and one of the GSDs come in very close as far as good dogs go, but my pit bull is sort of a stunning example, friendly with strangers, kids and domestic animals, even cats. My heart goes out to all the people badly hurt or killed by dogs of any kind, but I will not willingly give up my well-behaved CGC-certified pit bull to be killed in order to satisfy some community hysteria. This dog is a member of my family.

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