The Red Sox and spring and all other things

The Red Sox come from behind victory over the dreaded Yankees in the season opener Sunday night was the stuff of magic, even of destiny.

It gave everyone around here a boost and seemed to bring as well the solid presence of the spring, with the game being played in relative warmth when in the last two years past the opener was played in freezing weather.

Josh Beckett didn’t have his stuff but it didn’t matter.

The Sox got the win. The spring deepens in the aftermath. The uplifting come from behind opening day victory seems a harbinger of much better things to come for all of us.

Easter Sunday was a dream. It was different from all Easters that came before. There was less church and more family time spent in relaxation and enjoyment – and the obligatory Easter dinner.

The beach and the woods were packed.

The wind was warm and luscious.

Hope sprang eternal.

If the Red Sox are partly about everything to follow in the spring and summer – then it is going to be a great spring and a great summer.

Here’s to hoping this metaphor holds true.

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