Giacchino’s remarks are a highlight at St. Mary’s girls hockey banquet

Liz Giacchino was a goaltender for the St. Mary’s High School girls hockey team that captured its third Division 1 state championship this season.

Giacchino and the other seniors on the team, Michelle Macchione, Courtney Winters, Courtney White, and Erin McAndrews each delivered farewell speeches during the team awards banquet Sunday night at Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus.

Following are Liz Giacchino’s remarks:

"Every one of you has amazing talents and abilities. Whether they are on the ice, in the classroom, on the field or diamond, you all have the potential to accomplish many things.

In this room alone, we have some of the most talented hockey players, softball players, lacrosse players, and some of the smartest young women in our school.

I have been blessed to get to know all of you, and when I look out amongst this crowd, I don’t see just another team, I see my sisters whom I have had the privilege of being surrounded by.

It hasn’t quite hit me yet, but when Thanksgiving ends and I don’t return to our locker room, I’m going to realize just how much I miss all of you.

Six years ago I never could have imagined the success I would have at St. Mary’s. However, I do not measure success by the number of games we won, or how many state titles we have earned, but by how I saw myself grow as a person in character and faith. I gained many valuable lessons from my successes about leadership, friendship, and teamwork.

My only wish is that you all had the opportunity to learn something from me. Remember to always carry yourself with pride. What we have accomplished is intangible by all means, and no one can take that away you. Work hard in everything you do, on the ice or in the classroom, give 100 percent all the time.

I thank all of you for making my time here an amazing one. As I have said before, I won’t remember every score or every play of a championship game. I will remember the teammates who were on my side when we won.

I am grateful to have been able to share in this experience with all of you.

I wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors. I know you will all be successful.

I would also like to thank my parents, who have been so supportive of me, no matter what, and my uncle."

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