The Blue Ox and more, perhaps

There is a real success story taking shape and form in this city before our eyes.

The Blue Ox is the success story.

The Oxford Street eatery – the third inside the same space, but the first to achieve a sense of lasting success – is wowing those locals who came to know the place as well as many patrons coming from Revere, Marblehead and Swampscott.

Two weeks ago, I stopped in for my favorite – grilled hanger steak, French fries, asparagus served in a port wine reduction.

Fabulous, really.

The bartenders were pleasant and very much alive. The wait staff was motivated. The crowd inside the restaurant buzzed with conversation – while those seated at the bar could watch the Red Sox on the flat screen television.

Whether it is a veal saltimbocca with red bliss mashed potatoes, asparagus and mushroom marsala wine sauce or a herb roasted boneless half chicken with mashed potatoes and spinach in a white wine butter sauce, the bill of fare is surprisingly good.

The restaurant is succeeding because of its chef, Matt O’Neill.

The menu is his concept and the menu wins.

People flock to good food, in downtown Lynn – where two restaurants previously failed in this same location.

So the chef’s concept, his genius at designing a menu that attracts Lynners and so many others, is winning the day on Oxford Street.

Obviously, O’Neill knows what he’s doing.

The surroundings inside the restaurant are superb.

The feeling inside is warm and friendly.

The food is great.


A Lynn success story.

Now what else on Oxford Street could a private businessman do to latch on to the Blue Ox success and make it their own?

This is a very good question and one not easily answered.

Lynn’s thinkers at city hall ought to think-tank with O’Neill about what might nicely compliment the Blue Ox on Oxford Street to create another success.

Success begets success.

One more Blue Ox or something of that type on Oxford Street would begin to create a small community on the rise.

Wouldn’t that be interesting – and wouldn’t that be enough of a spark to set off something else in the downtown?

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