Lynn Shore LL opts out of District 16 Tournament

Lynn Shore Little League will opt out of participating in the 2010 District 16 All-Star Tournament due to dwindling numbers in the Major League division and league officials not wanting to cut short the regular season.

The District 16 Tournament brings together teams from each of the leagues in the district including Lynn’s five Little League organizations: Wyoma, Pine Hill, West Lynn American, East Lynn, and Lynn Shore. The winner of the District 16 title advances further to sectional, state, and New England regional tournament play, with the hope of reaching the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania – a feat accomplished by Saugus American (2003) and Peabody Western (2009) in the past decade.

Kevin Sullivan, president of Lynn Shore Little League, said the league has approximately 50 players in its Major League division.

“It’s the numbers in our Major division and our wanting to extend our regular season,” said Sullivan. “The year before I became president our Major League teams played only 12 games and the season was over as we moved on to play our All-Star games. We made it through two games of the [double-elimination] tournament, so at the most our players competed in only 14 games total and this just did not make any sense to the league.”

Sullivan said the league will hold its own All-Star event and skills competition at the end of the season.

Sullivan also ruled out a future merger of Lynn Shore with the East Lynn or West Lynn American organizations, as has been proposed by District 16 officials.

“A merger doesn’t benefit our children,” said Sullivan. “Kiley Park is in the neighborhood and we like it here. This league has been around for more than 50 years and we want to continue the tradition.”

Sullivan praised the league’s coaches for staying with the organization and keeping it strong in tough times.

“We are blessed to have a team of very dedicated and hardworking coaches, board members, and parent volunteers who are devoted to every child enrolled in our Little League program,” said Sullivan. “We strongly believe that we are providing every player a safe and supportive environment for them to play baseball, make friends, and have fun. Our players are faced with adversity every day,. Our mission is to keep them engaged and focused on baseball and off the streets.”

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