Baker at the Porthole

Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker, everyone’s favorite Republican, came to the Porthole Restaurant for an early morning Lynn Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

He is an appealing sort – a good looking, tall, Harvard guy who made a fortune in the health care business, served for a time as a state cabinet secretary, and who would like to succeed Governor Deval Patrick.

He delivered his basic stump speech about government spending too much, about the impact of big government, bad pensions, poor planning, and he spoke about the Probation Department Investigation.

In effect, he said he is the one man running for governor who can right the wrongs, rebuild confidence in government and bring the state back to a profitable footing.

He will find all of this very difficult to achieve.

Achievement enough will be getting himself elected during a year when voters are red hot at everyone about everything.

He’s not the outsider he paints himself.

Rather, he’s a former insider who knows the way as a businessman.

He didn’t get to live with his family in that imposing home off the Swampscott Green with losing business ventures.

It was nice to be around Charlie Baker and to take yet another look.

We thank him for coming to Lynn, to the Porthole, on a sunny early morning near to the end of May.

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