Bullies have no place in Lynn schools

The Lynn School Department is to be praised for its proactive and correct effort to implement a legal and just protocol to be used against those who bully other students.

Bullying can’t be legislated away.

In other words, we can’t simply make laws that cause it to be illegal and then expect that bullying will come to an end.

Obviously, it take a great effort than that and a good deal of oversight and careful attention paid by school administrators, teachers and the students themselves.

Superintendant of Schools Catherine Latham will be using the summer to prepare the policies by which her office will be ruled.

Superintendent Latham might find a call to the Everett School Superintendent’s office because in that city they confronted the bullying issue long before the Massachusetts’s legislature caused nearly every school district to act.

Over the years, thousands of Lynn’s school children were bullied.

They will be bullied no more but only if the Lynn Schools devise a protocol that is iron fisted and which works.

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