Drewicz kindergarten students excel in US census poster contest

The kindergarten students in Pam Laramie’s class at the Drewicz School are certainly making a good ac-count of themselves in the ongoing U.S. census effort.

Not only are they learning about the federal population count that takes place every 10 years, they’re drawing upon their other budding artistic skills as well.

The 24 students won Honorable Mention honors in the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s U.S. Census Poster Contest. The students, with Mrs. Laramie’s guidance, composed a colorful poster of children in the world, focusing on the United States of America. Each child made a representation of himself/herself on the map.

“The contest was held to make people aware of the 2010 census and how important it is,” said Laramie, a teacher in the Lynn school department for nine years. “The children painted the poster and we talked about our location in the United States and why the census is so important and how it helps cities and states receive money for education.”

Representatives from the Secretary of State’s officer came to the school on May 27 to personally present the award certificate to Mrs. Laramie and her students. The students enjoyed the official state muffin (corn) and the official state juice (cranberry) at the event. Each student also received official census notebook and maps of Massachusetts.

“It was nice to be recognized for a job well and I’m proud of all my students,” said Laramie.

Bernadette Stamm, principal at the Drewicz School, commended Mrs. Laramie and her students for their outstanding achievement.

“We’re very proud of Mrs. Laramie and the kindergarten class,” said Stam. “We have been on a mission at the school this year to get the parents to understand that the Census 2010 is going on and this was the final piece in that effort. We were so excited when the Secretary of State’s office called to tell us that our school was a winner in the contest.”

Mrs. Laramie will be going from proud teacher to proud parent when her daughter, Ashley, a star softball player at Lasell College, visits her classroom this week. Ashley, a graduate of Lynn Classical, will be coming to the school with North Shore Navigators officials, including the team mascot, for a morning program of reading and fun-filled activities. Ashley has an internship with the Navigators baseball organization this summer.

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