Long weekend, lots of fun

The 4th of July weekend brought Lynners out in massive numbers throughout the city for food, music and fireworks.

The annual fireworks display at Red Rock Park Saturday evening was a super hit. Thousands attended the fireworks display, lining Lynn Shore Drive from Red Rock Park all the way to Swampscott.

“This was the best fireworks display I can recall,” said Ocean Streets resident Catherine Caswell shortly after the last flicker of color floated into oblivion from high above Red Rock Park.

“And I don’t remember ever seeing as many people as are here this evening,” she said.


Police estimates placed the crowd at 5,000-7,000 people.

City Councillor Dan Cahill’s Lynn Shore Drive home across from Red Rock Park was central control for about 150 friends, relatives and fireworks watchers who congregated on the lawn, the front stairs and in the street in front of his home.

“What a great night,” Cahill said.


On nearly every street leading onto Lynn Shore Drive from Ocean Street there were cookouts and get togethers – and the fireworks as the reason to exist.

The fireworks display began about 9:30 p.m. to the cheers of the thousands who came to watch.

Dozens of pleasure craft moored on the placid ocean just off Red Rock by the great barge carrying the fireworks.

The sky was crystal clear – a perfect setting for the colorful splashes caused by the fireworks exploding against the clear night sky.

The city and the Department of Conservation and Recreation provided for sufficient Porto Sans, police officers and the availability of Cataldo Ambulance emergency personnel.

Sunday brought another day of heat and large crowds to the Lynn/Nahant Beach Reservation.

By Monday, all was hot and quiet along the shore as the day began.

The heat is expected to be with us until Wednesday when a blast of cooler air is expected to drive out the humidity and oppressiveness.

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