Protecting the city’s treasures Phelan’s important task

Thank goodness there is someone at city hall willing to incur the wrath of the Daily Item for preserving some of the city’s most valuable objects of art.

The Item’s attack on Phelan for spending money for frames and other preservation materials (the Item even attacked him for a $1400 contribution in the name of the city council made to the American Cancer Society) was egregious – a hatchet job inclined to make Lynn residents believe Phelan was throwing money out the window spending $6000 dollars.

What the Item failed to disclose is that the art Phelan is holding in his office is worth a considerable sum of money and was found in the basement of city hall. For the sake of securing it until a better place can be found for it at city hall, Phelan has kept the valuable oil paintings, prints and other historical artifacts inside his locked office.

None of it is hanging on his walls. It is scattered neatly along the floor of his cluttered office.

The Item made much of the $6000 spent – but nothing about the $200,000 that was saved.

Nice touch and all for an attempted hatchet job on Phelan.

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