What would a forensic audit reveal about expenses?

Now might be a good time for the city, in this case, for the city council, to order a forensic audit by outside accountants of the various city hall accounts – from the retirement board, to the various offices and for every city agency with a bank account and or a checking account.

It is done from time to time in other cities as an antidote to expenditures that are quite often overlooked as well as expenditures that are frankly, just plain wrong and which shouldn’t be occurring.

With a budget well over the $200 million mark, and with expenses taking up every dime of that amount – and with smaller bondings for other projects drawing enormous amounts of income reducing the city’s free cash perhaps a line to line look and even a closer examination of all the checking accounts and expenditures might make sense.

Mind you, it is just a suggestion.

But such a perusal of all the city’s expenditures and bank accounts by independent outside accountants might prove to be an eye opener and even better, a money saver.

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