Strip club possibilities send officials scurrying

A request for information about the feasibility of locating and establishing an adult entertainment facility in Lynn has sparked outrage in a number of quarters throughout the community.

It is outrage mixed with surprise.

It has led to a special meeting being called by City Council President Tim Phelan in room 402 at 6:00p.m. Tuesday evening.

It is expectd this meeting will be well attended.

The request for strip club information came from the head of the city’s Restaurant Association, Rafael Subero.

Subero made it clear he was asking about what it would take to locate a strip club in the city.

City Council President Tim Phelan came out staunchly against Subero’s request and went way beyond.

“I will fight with everything I have to keep this from happening in our city. A strip club has no place in Lynn,” said Phelan.

“I’m shocked the head of the restaurant association would even entertain such a possibility,” he added.

Phelan has proposed an ordinance outlining the steps the city needs to take to prevent such a possibility.

“I’m having it marked up for immediate council action,” he said.

That action, or at least the likely basis for it, will take place at city hall Tuesday evening.

Since officially asking about the possibility of a strip club in the city, Subero has back tracked a bit.

He apparently said he was asking for someone else – not for himself and not on behalf of the organization he leads.

However Phelan sees the handwriting on the wall.

“This is not going to happen on my watch. This kind of place has no place here,” he said emphatically.

Phelan responded to Subero’s questions made to the city’s Legal Department and the Inspectional Services Department.

Phelan is attempting to enlist the interest of his colleagues on the city council, the mayor, the city solicitor, the police chief the director of ISD and the chairman of the Licensing Board.

A number of local businessmen, all members of the local Chamber of Commerce, who wished to remain unnamed, said they were frankly amazed by Subero’s request for information about a strip club.

Leslie Gould, the Chamber’s Executive Director, said the Chamber is presently crafting an official statement to be issued at the Tuesday evening special meeting at city hall.

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