Foul odor continues; Garelick being fined – Fined $1,000 a day since August 4

Garelick Farms has been fined $1,000 everyday since August 4, according to lawyers in the city’s law department.

As of Monday the 23rd, Garelick Farms owed the city $19,000 as the result of an order sent to the law department by Mary Ann O’Connor, the direct or of the city’s Health Division.

The milk giant owned by Dean Foods is facing a court date on September 1 if the odor emanating from its Lynnway plant has not been eradicated.

On that date, the city will seek to lodge a criminal complaint against the corporation, according to the law department.

In addition, the firm’s licensing approval for beverage production is scheduled to be suspended unless and until the odor is eradicated.

In such a scenario, the company would be forced to close its doors.

The continuing odor emanating from the Garelick Farms plant on the Lynnway, if not eradicated by September 1, will continue to cost the firm $1,000 a day in fines until a long and short term solution is worked out, according to city attorney Vincent Phelan.

“Garelick Farms has come to the end of our patience,” said City Council President Tim Phelan.

“They now have to perform or the city will take strong action to send out a message to other polluters of the environment here. We won’t stand for it any longer,” he said.

Phelan has been the most outspoken city leader leading the offense against the milk giant.

Councillor Peter Capano has also been a sturdy, angry voice in bringing Garelick Farms to take responsibility for a stench emanating from its plant for the past three years.

Capano represents the area directly impacted by the stench.

During the past week, the odor has remained, noticeably so, along the length of the Lynnway from the car wash to the bowling alley.

The rain and decreased temperature masked by mitigation efforts to cover it up rather than to get rid of it entirely, decreased the stench but did not eliminate it.

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