Restaurant Association president says members fighting for survival

The Lynn Restaurant Association and its President Rafael Subero has never publicly or privately strategized or planned for an adult entertainment district in Lynn or for a strip club, according to the association’s legal counsel Fred Riley.

“I have represented the restaurant association for more than two years. Of all the meetings that I have attended that have been held the idea of an adult entertainment zone and or strip clubs has never once been raised or discussed by the association or its individual members,” Riley told the Journal.

“The media coverage of their alleged positions has caused them great embarrassment and harm to their public images and businesses. The adverse publicity they have received has not helped their businesses,” added Riley.

Subero has said he asked questions about locating an adult entertainment enterprise in the city, admitting he was curious about the rules and regulations and whether or not any existed in the first place.

“Asking a few questions about how the system works and actually making the legal and business moves to open a strip club are two entirely different things. Mr. Subero has publicly gone on the record that he is opposed to a strip club and an entertainment zone in Lynn. He should be taken at his word. His word has been good during the time I have represented the restaurant association,” said Riley.

However, City Council President Tim Phelan said he is standing against an entertainment zone and a strip club on principal and that he will be asking the city council to pass an ordinance severely limiting where a adult entertainment zone could be located in the city.

The ordinance, which will apparently be passed unanimously this week will give some teeth to the city’s desire to keep such zones and possible strip clubs outside of the city.

Phelan said that even if they couldn’t be banned entirely, such an ordinance could restrict their locations to heavy industrial areas and not allow alcohol to be served.

Riley said that the city has made too great a deal over Subero’s questions.

“The association has been working closely with the Lynn Chamber of Commerce in order to improve and enhance the restaurant business in Lynn. That is what the association is all about,” Riley added.

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