A new challenge for Eddie Shadoff

Eddie Shadoff, the popular and distinguished director of athletics at Lynn Tech High School made a major announcement in this week’s Lynn Journal.

Shadoff dropped the political bombshell-that he is a candidate for the Lynn School Committee in next years elections.

Shadoff certainly has the background and the understanding of the Lynn School System and it is his intention to make use of that knowledge and acumen as a member of the Lynn School Committee.

Shadoff will step down in June following an outstanding 35 year career in the Lynn School system.

He has been a teacher and a mentor to thousands of Lynn students who have appreciated the manner I which he goes above and beyond the call of an everyday educator.

Now he wants to give something back to the community, to the city that is his life.

Eddie, and his wife Sheryl, have two children, Andrew a graduate of Duke University and Duke Law School and Landon, a graduate of the University of Connecticut.

Eddie Shadoff would be an asset to the Lynn School Committee because of his commitment to excellence and because of his commitment to public school education in this city.

Next month, Shadoff will receive the Commitment to Lynn Youth Award.

These are difficult times for public school throughout the state.

Eddie Shadoff has lived these times now he intends to do something about them if he can.

Good luck Mr. Shadoff.

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