Garelick Farms doing right thing says Councillor Capano

At a recent meeting of city officials and members of the leadership of Garelick Farms, it appears that some positives are coming as an outgrowth of the negatives that swirled around for most of last summer.

“The Garelick people has assured me, and I believe them, that they are moving forward with a short term solution and a long term solution,” said Councillor Peter Capano.

Capano said officials detailed a short term solution that provides for the near to immediate installation of a waste water treatment system that is oversized.

“This, I am told, will allow Garelick people in charge of waste water to gauge exactly what kind and what size system is needed,” Capano added.

He said from everything he heard at the meeting, attended by Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, was like music to his ears.

“I think the Garelick people get it, now,” he added. “The meeting was businesslike but congenial rather than unprofessional and contentious. Everyone has apologized to everyone else.”

However, Garelick is continuing to accrue a fine of $1000 a day until such time as the city approves the new waste water system. At that time, the city can cancel the fines or reduce them.

“I think the fines and publicity and all the anger and concern we showed was a wake up call for Garelick,” Capano said.

The odors emanating from the plant during the summer months were especially powerful during the past summer, and in summers before as well.

Officials from Garelick Farms went from the meeting to the ISD office in city hall where they applied for a permit for the new work to be done at the Lynnway plant.

It is expected the cost could exceed $1 million.

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