Call the Capitol what you want but it’s not a greasy spoon

Last week, a typical Boston Herald piece tried to be an expose on state representatives working second jobs as though that were illegal.

It isn’t illegal – and for the record – Representative Robert Fennell isn’t breaking the law owning the Capitol Diner and serving on Beacon Hill.

The Herald story described the Capitol as a greasy spoon.

It also attempted to label Fennell a double dipper.

I have to take umbrage to that.

It is an absolutely outrageous mistake to call the Capitol Diner a greasy spoon.

It is many things but it is not a greasy spoon.

The place is immaculate.

The food is all freshly prepared.

I’d defy a Herald reporter finding a greasy dish of any kind served at the Capitol.

Back to Bobby Fennell … he’s got a great attendance record in the House and spends much of his time on Beacon Hill.

He’s no double dipper.

I know he works the Saturday and Sunday shifts behind the counter at the diner which was his father’s, and where he grew up working as a young man.

In fact, his daughters work at the diner with their Dad on Saturday and Sunday.

It is a family affair at the Capitol and has been for longer than a half century.

What makes Fennell even more unique is that he wears a tie and button down shirt and a clean apron when he directs the show during the weekends.

If there is a law against working in the diner you own when the House isn’t in session I’d like to read about it.

Show it to me.

Last weekend, Fennell was working behind the counter as usual.

He didn’t gripe about the Herald piece.

He’s not one to complain too loudly about anything, frankly.

But I could tell he was bothered just a bit about being made to look as though he was doing something wrong working at the family diner he owns, which his father owned before him.

“Why does the Herald do things like that?” he asked me.

“At this point, I’m not really sure,” I said.

“I guess its all about selling more newspapers and making a splash,” I added.

Then I ate a perfectly made blueberry pancake with maple syrup and a single piece of sausage – with not a drop of grease to be found on my plate.

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