Hail, Andrew Fila

Lynn English High School will not be the same without Andrew Fila.

The longtime principal, a great moving force for achievement at the high school, will be sorely missed now that he has retired.

His announcement sent by e-mail to his staff came as a great shock.

At English High School, and throughout this sprawling public school system, Mr. Fila was admired.

If you ran into people who spoke badly of him then you knew instantly – these were the wrong type people to be talking with.

He was fearless. He was adamant. He was smart. He was even savvy when it came to running English High School.

He demanded loyalty and allegiance and returned the same to those who gave it to him.

He required that his teachers and administrators be very much alive, awake and ready to go everyday.

And he had expectations from the student body.

He wanted his students to achieve great things in the classroom as well as on the athletic field.

He also demanded excellence from his chess players and the hundreds of young artists who came to achieve so much at English High School.

It is not magic that English High School seniors go on to four year colleges at an unprecedented rate.

And there have been more than a few admitted to the vaunted Ivy League schools under his leadership during his tenure.

Andrew Fila will be missed by everyone in this public school system who is hoping for a better day.

At English High School, he was the better day.

He set an example that will be followed.

Principals come and principals go.

Andrew Fila wasn’t just another principal.

He was a star who earned his place here.

He will be missed.

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  1. Blair Bradley
    October 22, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Andrew Fila was an inspiration to me as a vice principal at Eastern Junior High School in 1976-1978. I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho and went back to our family picnic which is generally called that black picnic in 2006 and Andy was cooking for our family. Virginia Barton/ the Bradley's etc.. I had not been back home in 26 years and to see that he was still teaching was an honor to me. I have family and old friends who teach or coach at EHS. My heart goes out to him for his kindness to others and his friendship to my family. May the grace of God be with him and his family for all that he has contributed to the community over the many years of public service. Blair Bradley Idaho Falls, Idaho

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