Memory Lanes Lynn City Bowling League begins 56th season

The Lynn City Bowling League is rolling along for the 56th consecutive year.

Thirty-two bowlers, 22 men and 10 women, are keeping the tradition alive each Saturday at three candlepin bowling establishments, Jim Barber’s Lucky Strike Lanes, Lynnway Sportscenter, and Metro Bowl in Peabody.

Carmen Arinella, his wife, Dorothy Arinella, and Dan Jemery are the directors of the league. The secretary is Russell French and the treasurer is Tony Schillaci.

“We’re doing well,” said Carmen Arinella. “We’ve had 32 bowlers the past few years which is a good number for us.”

Bowlers compete on teams that are sponsored by China Lion, Blanch Trophy, Williams Roofing, Salvy’s, Lido, Fraser Molloy, Figueroa, and Green Tea. There are 32 weeks of bowling with the winning team from the first half of the season meeting the winning team from the second half in a league championship match.

There are three individual awards in the high average, high single, and high triple categories that are presented at a season-ending celebration. Thanksgiving and Christmas rolloffs, in which every bowler receives a prize, are held each year.

Bob Bisegna, 77, is the elder statesman in the league, having made the Lynn City Bowling League his regular stop on Saturdays for the past 52 years.

“I’m averaging 102 this season,” Bisegna said proudly. “I made a commitment to two of the original league directors (Ivan Stille and Edgar Ridlon) that I would bowl in the league as long as I was able to. They asked me to keep it as a fun league and not a pro league. Because of that pledge and some good health, I’ve stayed on as a member of the league. And I’ll still be here until the lights go out.”

Carmen Arinella was asked about the future prospects for the league.

“I think the City League will be around for awhile,” said Arinella. “We have people that are dedicated to the league and enjoy bowling each week. It’s fun to get together and socialize and bowl every week.”

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