Senator Thomas McGee

Tom McGee is very likely the most popular elected public official in the city. He represents a widely varied district including Marblehead, Swampscott, Nahant, Saugus and the entirety of Lynn. He even has two wards in Melrose.

McGee is finishing 8 years in the senate and running for re-election. He remains who he has been, who he might always be, a friend of the people, and a guy who loves his job, his family, his city. He was interviewed in the Diamond District Sunday morning by Josh Resnek.

Question: Do you look forward to going to work on Beacon Hill?

Answer: “I’m going for my fifth term. I love what I do. I enjoy making a difference in peoples’ lives.

Question: What are the issues in order of importance and magnitude?

Answer: “Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Seeing the economy improve. Jobs.”

Question: Secondary issues. What are they?

Answer: “Health insurance. Affordable health care. Struggling small businesses.”

Question: What is the key political issue in this year’s race?

Answer: “There is unease throughout the electorate about the future. People are uneasy about the economy and the direction we’re headed in. Government’s role is being seriously questioned.”

Question: Do you remain a loyal Democrat?

Answer: “Yes. I believe in what being a Democrat stands for. Democrats stand for housing, education, health and well-being. Democrats make a difference

In peoples’ lives.”

Question: What about your connection to the city and your family?

Answer: “I live in the home I grew up in. I am a lifelong Lynner. I followed my father into politics. My wife Maria and I have twins – Katherine and Thomas, both of whom are students at Sacred Heart. I credit my Dad for my interest in politics.”

Questions: What ambition do you have for the coming term?

Answer: “I’ve been at this long enough to have learned my way about how to get things done. I want to continue working on economic and transportation issues.

And other important issues important to the North Shore. We’re poised for great things to happen.”

Question: Would you consider leaving the senate to become the mayor of Lynn?

Answer: “I’m very happy where I am. I enjoy my life in the senate. I’m looking forward to winning another term. In answer to your question about becoming the mayor of Lynn … I’d have to think about that.”

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