Lynners go for Patrick and Democrats in election

When push came to shove, Lynn voters chose Democrats over Republicans in almost every instance on the ballot in balloting last Tuesday.

Voting the person instead of the economic policy, Governor Deval Patrick stopped a bid by Swampscott businessman Charlie Baker.

Patrick won an impressive victory here beating our next door neighbor 11,436 to 7,527.

Independent candidate Tim Cahill got 9% of the vote or 1,915.

Congressman John Tierney showed deep strength in burying his opponent Bill Hudak in perhaps the most contentious race here in recent history.

Tierney received 14,652 to Hudak’s 5,818.

In two of the most important local races of meaning to Lynners, State Senator Thomas McGee, buried his opponent Christopher Dent 16,017 to 4,487 – proving that Nahant doesn’t make for a good base if you’re running against one of the most popular and friendly Lynn politicians.

Representative Lori Ehrlich beat her rival Katherine Kozitza by better than a 2-1 margin.

Ehrlich, who represents the Ocean Street district, scored 1,058 to Kozitza’s 416.

In another race of concern to Lynn voters, Representative Mark Falzone, who had represented the Lynnfield Street ward was surprised by newcomer Donald Wong.

Wong, a Republican, received 1,845 votes to Falzone’s 1,222.

Overall, Wong defeated Falzone, 8,939 to 8,557.

Wong and Sheriff Cousins were the only Republicans to have any luck in Lynn balloting.

Attorney General Martha Coakley also romped beating James McKenna 14,746 to 5,866.

Secretary of State Bill Galvin received 14,773 to William Campbell’s 4,915.

Treasurer-elect Steve Grossman won an impressive vote here.

He drew 13,154 to his opponent Karyn Polito’s 7,011.

State auditor elect Suzanne Bump beat out Mary Connaughton 11,598 to 6,855.

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