Water main break on Lynnway repaired; flooding causes havoc

Lynners using the Lynnway were treated to yet another disastrous traffic tie-up Friday when a 10 inch water main broke underneath the Lynnway by Shephard Street, causing a sinkhole to drop the road level in the immediate area about a half foot, closing businesses and the roadway as well.

By Sunday, the sinkhole and main break had been repaired and the roadway opened to traffic.

This most recent break follows about a half dozen others in the recent past.

The southbound side of the Lynnway was affected.

Everything from the skating rink to local businesses were put at risk or closed entirely by the wash of water that flooded the roadway and the collapse of the roadway.

About 150 feet of roadway had to be repaired.

The sinkhole was estimated to be about 10-by-20-feet.

It took the city approximately 13 hours to shut the main, said Wendy Fox, a spokesperson for the Department of Conservation and Recreation, who maintains the Lynnway and everything underneath it.

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