Carrasco asks Committee to ‘consider’ a dress code

Lynn School Committeewoman Maria Carrasco has been seeking affirmation from her colleagues on the board about the benefits of a dress code.

“I’m just asking the school committee to consider it,” she said recently.

Only the areas parochial schools presently require dress codes.

Mayor Judith Flanagan-Kennedy has already informed the School Committee that Massachusetts School officials are not allowed to impose dress codes on public school students.

Some parents have said they like the idea, however.

They said their children presently spend much too much on clothing and that by wearing a uniform, there would be great savings for many children.

“My daughter wouldn’t have to buy a closet filled with clothes if she had to wear a uniform,” said an Atlantic Street mother whose daughter attends the Lynn public schools.

“A few uniforms would do the trick – and besides, I think a uniform creates a different feeling among the kids,” she added.

In urban school systems where discipline is always a matter for concern for public officials, uniforms give the appearance of sameness and cohesiveness, two elements that lead to an apparently calmer public school experience.

The leadership of English and Classical High Schools has expressed some interest in the uniform suggestion.

And for its part, the School Committee has asked Johnny Mihos, its attorney, to look into the matter.

With the gang color issues so predominant in this city, uniforms will forego the possibility that gang members could be allowed to wear their colors to school.

Also, school officials could immediately notice who belonged in a certain school and who didn’t.

That matter is set for further discussion.

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