The lesson learned with the Memorial Auditorium

Julio Iglesias is one of the most noted tenors in the history of operatic music and singing.

In his prime, his career knew no boundaries.

He was, after Pavarotti, the greatest tenor in the world.

And there he was Sunday evening on the stage inside the Memorial Auditorium at Lynn City Hall with a full house of more than 2,000 paying customers.

When the concert was finished, the customers flowed out of the auditorium with many heading to local restaurants in the downtown area.

This is what success like the auditorium is all about.

It begets success.

This is what the city needs to build on, which is why the auditorium must be lit and with a sound system and other amenities that make it a show case for smaller performances by great artists.

This is an investment begun with former Mayor Chip Clancy and being nurtured by present Mayor Judith Flanagan-Kennedy.

It is costing taxpayers not one penny and it is generating profits so that whatever is done in the way of improvements is paid for with money already on hand.

Kenny Rogers is next up.

The city should do whatever it can to dove-tail this great success story and to make it grow – and with it – the future of the downtown.

Again, success begets success.

The Memorial Auditorium is a big success.

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