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Kenny Rogers is coming to Lynn

Kenny Rogers is coming to the Lynn Auditorium December 18.

For the record, he is not a tenor – neither is Julio Iglesias, who appeared at the auditorium two weeks ago.

In a story last week that I wrote I somehow got it in my mind that Julio Iglesias was Jose Carreras the great tenor who performed with Pavarotti.

Both entertainers are as different as night is to day – Iglesias is a slick pop artist who sang songs like Guantanamera while Carreras sang Puccini pieces like Nessun Dorma.

To say that one was the other is absolutely unforgiveable, a faux paux  of the very first order, and an embarrassment that continues almost without let-up.

I cannot tell you how some of my colleagues here at the newspaper have tortured me since I wrote that Iglesias performed with Pavarotti.

In fact, the thought of it is so wrong it gives new meaning to the word wrong.

Suggesting Iglesias performed with Pavarotti would have been like suggesting the Beatles performed with Howie Carr or Glen Beck.

Then there was the Iglesias performance itself.

I have spoken with a number of people who attended the concert.

All said essentially the same thing.

“Iglesias has lost his voice.”

“The sound system was terrible.”

“The lighting didn’t work.”

This is not a great recommendation for buying a ticket to see Kenny Rogers, but then, Kenny Rogers is a big star who hasn’t yet lost his voice or his ability to perform.

To Iglesisas’ credit, he has sold more than 260 million records in a long career singing soft pop.

But he is no tenor.

Never has been.

Never will be.

And he certainly never performed with the great, late Pavarotti, who must certainly be turning over in his grave that I suggested such a thing.

As for Rogers coming to Lynn, I know Jamie Marsh is struggling to perfect the sound system and lighting because he told me so last week.

He should do this sooner rather than later a without great sound and lighting, performances on the Lynn Auditorium stage are going to leave ticket buys flat.

Iglesias disappointed most attendees two weeks ago.

Once more just for the record, he is no tenor.

Also, I apologize to Carreras for thinking he was Iglesias.

What a mistake.

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