City Mobilizes for Snowstorm

By Joshua Resnek

[email protected]

With one big storm under our wings, now comes the second of the season and the first of the New Year.

The city has mobilized its forces, from snow plows to ticket enforcement for those who don’t keep their sidewalks and pathways clean of the white stuff.

Hundreds of tickets were given out during the last storm. It is predicted this storm will produce the same result.

The new state law governing liability relating to injuries caused by snowy public sidewalks, et cetera, makes not shoveling your sidewalks and pathways a dangerous path to take.

Homeowners and business owners are liable for costs related to injuries caused by falls induced by snow and ice.

During the last storm, Lynn got walloped with a huge snowfall, around 18 inches.

Snowfall here and to the North was higher than in Boston and to the south.

The same situation is predicted for the Northeast storm set to begin sometime Tuesday and to last through Wednesday.

First reports indicate snowfall will be in the 12”-15” range.

City plows will be out in force, according to city officials.

Another big chunk of money will be withdrawn from the city accounts to pay for the plowing and salting that is expected to be needed.

Forecasters are apparently near to certain the storm is the real thing.

Weather fronts down south are pushing air northeasterly – and thus – a Northeast storm is about to hit us.

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