Martin Luther King Day Brings All of us Together

The 25th Annual Martin Luther King Day was celebrated in Lynn with a major event sponsored by the Community Minority Cultural Center.

Held at Lynn City Hall on Monday morning, the event drew hundreds of people from all walks of life who came to remember the legacy of the late Dr. Martin Luther King.

With fabulous music and lyrics geared to the event, city hall brimmed with passion and remembrance and with the knowledge that the march goes on for human liberty and rights.

With songs like, ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ and ‘We Shall Overcome,’ great attention was paid once again to the ultimate sacrifice made by Dr. King, who died in the prime of his life at the height of his work when he was cut down by a sniper’s bullet in 1968.

It was a moment in American History that was destined to go down in the ages as it most certainly has.

In 1986, Martin Luther King Day came into being officially.

This year’s 25th Anniversary celebration of Dr. King’s life seemed to have eclipsed the general sense that this was and is a holiday about his death.

With music that tried to bridge cultural gaps, the event resonated with passion and the expression of faith.

In attendance were a large number of elected public officials led by Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Steven Godfrey, Executive Director of the Community Minority Cultural Center, Virginia Barton, Special Guest, Robert Lewis, Vice-President for Programs of the Boston Foundation, Rob Dimmick, well known and highly respected Theater Director and Educator, William Hill, Pastor, Zion Baptist Church and Gloria Lopez, CMXX Board Member.

A full array of community members helped to make the event special. They included: Chasneika Astacio, Chair of the MLK Committee, Lissette Contreras, Operations Manager, Chhavan Pin, Assistant to Executive Director, Audrey Jiminez, YMCA, Doreen Murray, Building Bridges Through Music, Mary Chalmers, secretary to the mayor, Rev, William Hill, Pastor, Zion Church, Gloria Lopez, North Shore Community College, Yolanda Morris, President, NAACP, Ginny Makkers, Building Bridges Through Music, Rev. Viola Buchanan, Bethel Church, Roxann Cooke, Eastern Bank, Tosha Duester, Girls, Inc. and Ed Sweeney, Lynn Camtv.

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