The Storm Aftermath

That was a real storm last week.

Lynn got buried, as we all have come to know.

Snowfall here was heavier than in Boston – which was heavy.

Snow removal was a fulltime job for a few days.

The plowing here is so constant that no matter how many times some of us would clear the entrance to our driveways they were plowed in again and again by passing snowplows.

The depressing part of that is paying for your plowed driveway only to have to shovel it clean the next day, again and again.

Bottom line – Lynn did a good job plowing its streets.

This storm was not an easy task for those who plowed.

It was the real thing.

Still no Blizzard – not even close – but a major storm just the same.

Now with the temperature drop of the past six days, our heating systems have been humming.

With oil at $3.00 or more per gallon, you’re looking at a $600 fill.

Gas isn’t much better.

It is the middle of January with more bad weather set to descend upon us.

Meanwhile, in Palm Beach, Florida yesterday afternoon, it was 78 degrees and sunny.

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