Lynn Planning Board Votes to Joins Lawsuit

The Lynn Planning Board voted 4-0 to join the city council in a lawsuit against the city of Salem to stop a major shopping development on Highland Avenue near to the Lynn border.

The lawsuit seeks to stop the development in its present form.

Lynn officials, residents and homeowners in the area abutting the development site believe it will create major traffic and flooding problems in the area.

Homeowners believe the development will have a negative effect on property values.

Two weeks ago, the city council voted 9-0 to file the lawsuit.

At the time, Council President Tim Phelan said he would fight against the development with all the resources available to the council.

According to the city’s attorney James Lamana, the Planning Board’s lawsuit was to be filed on Monday in Salem Superior Court.

The planned shopping center is to be located at 450 Highland Avenue, near to a Lynn watershed area at the bottom of a hilly slope.

The development includes a Lowes and the expansion of an existing Walmart.

The Kennedy Development Group has promised Lynn and Salem money to mitigate flooding potential.

Traffic issues have also been discussed between the two cities and the developer’s architects.

The lawsuit arose in response to the approval given the project by the Salem Planning Board.

The development is expected to produce 150 jobs and about 200 construction jobs.

A Lowes official said the Lynn lawsuit was not a wise use of taxpayer dollars.

Phelan rejected that opinion.

“Our residents’ concerns and their desire to protect themselves from a large and potentially life changing development is what is motivating the council,” he said.

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