Michelle Conlon

The death of Michelle Conlon at 38 is a knife in the heart to the tightly knit Lynn community who knew her, who loved her and in the end, who did not want to let her go.

She died last week following a long and valiant fight against cancer.

She was a wonderful, vibrant, beautiful young woman from a fine family who has given so much to the city in athletics and in the field of education.

She was a great student, a great athlete, a fabulous mentor of young athletes who had set an example in her life by excelling at Lynn English and continuing her career at Babson College.

She was quiet but friendly, personable and caring. She was able to instantly bring a smile to those in her company.

We understand that she was a loving aunt to all her nieces and nephews who were constantly drawn to their aunt because they knew she cared.

Her family and many, many friends have been sent into a state of utter despair by her death.

Her courage above all is what they will remember – that and her love and her affection.

Our condolences to the family.

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