Stop the Sham

There is enough in this city to be busy with without resorting to hearings against the city’s chief financial officer who doesn’t appear to have broken the law, stolen money or cost the city any money.

Mayor Judith Flanagan-Kennedy is wasting precious time and city resources on proceedings that are entirely self-serving and which do nothing whatsoever to enhance the possibilities for Lynn in the year to come.

The mayor needs to rededicate herself to her job.

She needs to return phone calls and e-mails.

She needs to step up to the plate to run a city with a more than a $200 million budget or the city is going to fall apart.

We see this administration going nowhere, doing next to nothing and with no interest in working hard or smart to stay ahead of a national economic malaise that could go on for another two to three years.

Everything here is hurting – property values have plummeted, the unemployment rate is high, reinvestment in commercial physical plants here is almost non-existent and new development is put on a back burner so time consuming hearings can be held about the CFO’s alleged ineffectiveness.

The mayor is a disappointment to those who elected her, to those she refuses to communicate with and to the members of the city government who can’t get her to call them back.

She is a much smarter lawyer than mayor.

It is time for her to get interested and to spend the time necessary making things happen here.

She can start by calling off the foolish hearings about the city’s CFO.

They are an embarrassment to her and to the city government.

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