Fortucci Keeps Job After Council Vote

Journal Staff

The city’s chief financial officer received an 11-0 vote fro the Lynn City Council to remain in his position following three days of hearings asked for by the mayor which questioned his competency.

The hearings failed to produce examples of wrongdoing by Richard Fortucci, the city’s CFO.

Following the vote, Fortucci said he would make every effort to reignite his relationship with the mayor in the best interests of the city.

Most councilors interviewed following the vote said they supported Fortucci all the way.

The mayor referred to the vote as speaking for itself.

The 100% vote of confidence for Fortucci was viewed as a vote of no confidence in the mayor by numerous city hall officials, none of whom wished to go on the record saying so.

Fortucci shook the mayor’s hand at the end of the hearings.

“Let’s start from scratch,” he said.

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