The Mayor’s Administration

There should be a great deal of concern among those people who run this city as well as among those voters who elected the mayor as to what exactly she is doing with her day, everyday.

Being the mayor of Lynn is an honor but above all, it is about hard work and a never-ending day.

The present mayor enjoys the position, she has told us. But she lacks the desire to be motivated.

This has resulted in her absence from important meetings of other mayors at least twice during the past two weeks.

He absence at last week’s conference of mayors on the North Shore shocked none of her colleagues, according to at least one North Shore mayor who was heard to say: “Oh, she doesn’t come to these meetings.”

The question that should be asked of the mayor by the city council is this: what are you doing? What plans do you have – other than creating a new budget – which is apparently what she is going to spend much of the spring doing, when in fact, the city budget needs only her editing services.

The mayor of Lynn needs to be multi-tasking everyday.

The day cannot be long enough for a working mayor of this city.

The late Pat McManus was never asleep at the wheel. He was a man of ambition who wanted to move the city forward.

The same can be said of his successor Chip Clancy.

Chipper was always moving about – up early to bed late – the city’s business always moving him to action.

About the only major effort the present mayor has made during her administration so far is to attempt to have Richard Fortucci removed from his position at city hall.

That effort was doomed from the beginning because Mr. Fortucci is a man of integrity who has done a good job while holding his position.

Even the city council, in an unusual unanimous decision, rejected the mayor’s aberrant claims of Fortucci’s incompetence and by an 11-0 vote failed to remove him.

That fiasco should have embarrassed the mayor, as it was, after all, embarrassing to have wasted so much time and so much money and so much effort, on so silly an objective.

The present administration has no wind to power its sails. It is like a boat adrift.

The administration is all about inertia and the inability to mount a productive days work.

Even those who support the mayor know in their hearts that she is there but not really there.

She is the mayor but doesn’t rise to the necessities the position imposes on all those who take the oath. It is noticeable. It is obvious. The city is adrift with her at the helm.

This is an incontestable fact. She may protest otherwise but in the end, Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote says it all about the mayor claiming she is working hard or working at all or making efforts at better communication ad nauseum.

“You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all the time.”

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