Tim Phelan’s Political Stock is Way Up

The Saturday evening fundraiser held by City Council President Tim Phelan at the Knights of Columbus Hall drew an enormous crowd.

Many who attended brought their younger children and the time had the look and the feel of a younger crowd of married Lynn homeowner types who came to wish Phelan good luck. There was also a great number of the politically aware and connected.

In all, it was a fundraiser larger, more impressive in every way, than any we have seen or been to in this city during the past decade.

It was, without question, more like a first salvo for a mayoral run than it was a fundraiser for a councilor at large.

If you are Tim Phelan, you’ve been dreaming about becoming the mayor of Lynn all your life.

Following the fundraiser Saturday, if you’re Tim Phelan, you’ve taken a giant step forward to achieve that dream.

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