Mayor, meets with speaker, other mayors on gaming bill

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy and a host of other mayors met in a behind the door session with Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo at a location in North Revere last week.

The discussion, which was not open to the press, was about an expanded gaming bill and of the possibility of casinos.

Speaker DeLeo said he was ready to pass an expanded gambling bill if the governor was ready to sign it.

In fact, DeLeo told the Journal that he and Governor Deval Patrick would likely be meeting this week to discuss the matter.

Both the governor and DeLeo have been privately and publicly posturing about a renewal of the failed effort that killed the bill last year.

The governor has said consistently that DeLeo has to send him a bill that he will sign which means that DeLeo’s bill must be without no bid contract awards for slot machines to any of the state’s tracks.

Flanagan-Kennedy apparently told the speaker that unemployment is high and that the North Shore needs job creation.


Job creation is the governor’s main priority, that, and creating new streams of tax revenue to off-set the effects of the recession and rising costs for state services.

It is estimated that a casino at Suffolk Downs by itself – which is a real possibility if the state allows expanded gambling – would result in the creation of thousands of jobs and a huge stream of new tax revenue when up and running.

It is believed that the speaker will negotiate an expanded gambling bill with the governor in the days to come.

However, the governor has made it clear that the bill will be what he wants or it won’t come to pass.

Recent comments from the speaker make it clear that he is ready to deal with the governor.

A casino at Suffolk Downs would be a boost to the local economy, it is believed.

The job creation there could mean real employment for Lynners out of work and for trades people from Lynn either out of work or seeking more work.

1 comment for “Mayor, meets with speaker, other mayors on gaming bill

  1. April 4, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Every community that has hosted a casino or slot parlor has seen an increase in crime and a negative impact on small businesses. The former mayor of Ledyard, CT, the home of Foxwoods, is now an outspoken casino opponent. Their community is overburdened while the rest of the state reaps all of the benefits. Haven’t we had enough of that around here already?
    Are you sure Revere is going to get its fair share? What is a fair share? Our legislators don’t know. Call them and ask: 617-722-2000. Here’s what they’ll tell you: “The benefits will far outweigh the costs, don’t worry about it.” Ask them to list the costs, seriously, how can they make any claims about benefits if they don’t know the costs?
    The connected will get the good jobs and the rest will get part-time jobs as dealers and house-keepers (dealers make 15k a year – check out the bureau of labor and statistics). Our neighborhoods will be trampled and restaurants and small businesses will close.
    Make a quick phone call to protect your neighborhood. Ask your Representative and Senator to support an Independent Analysis of the impact a casino will have on your neighborhood before they plug in one slot machine at Suffolk Downs. They won’t do it because they don’t answer to you. They answer to the casino industry.

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