KIPP Academy Eagerly sought after by Parents Who Know

There is an old adage in education circles that kids are only as good as their parents when it comes to achievement in the public schools.

The same goes at KIPP where the academy recently held its long awaited lottery for 50 spots in its 5th grade class for next year.

Almost 300 parents and children showed up for the lottery – which brought great joy to some and great disappointment to others.

For the 50 lucky enough to gain entry into the academy, there is a future.

For the many parents who chose KIPP over the public schools, there is the belief that their children will receive a first rate education at the academy.

In addition, these parents believe their children will receive more instruction, longer days of instruction and more attention than at many of this city’s public schools which offer 5th grade classes.

Also, there is the belief their children will thrive in the environment KIPP offers.

This is not to say their children would be unable to thrive in some public school settings in this city.

For they would, definitely.

Parents of children who would have to attend the underperforming Harrington School, where some of us who live in this city would have to send our own children, were hoping for a place at KIPP Academy.

And others who have the choice of KIPP over public school tend to believe in the longer school day and the earlier school start as well as the highly structured learning routine at the academy.

The lottery is over. The new class prepares to take its place.

KIPP Academy is one more reason to believe that Lynn offers substantial educational opportunities for our children.

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