A Striking Moment: Landry Sets New City League Record (440)

By Cary Shuman

Charlene Landry (second from left) displays the plaque that was presented in honor of her record-setting, three-string score of 440 in the Lynn City League. Making the presentation were league directors Carmen Arinella, Dorothy Arinella, and Dan Jemery.

Charlene Landry was recognized for bowling the highest score in Lynn City League history in a ceremony prior to this week’s competition Saturday at Metro Bowl in Peabody.

On April 9 at Metro, Landry set a league record for female bowlers by rolling a 440 triple. Landry scorched the lanes for singles of 162, 132, and 146. The 162 and 440 scores are her career highs.

Long-time league member Bob Bisegna felt that Landry’s accomplishment was worthy of special recognition and league directors presented Landry a beautiful plaque at the alleys.

“We’re honoring Charlene for a tremendous thing that took place two weeks ago right here,” said Bisegna. “She hit a tremendous score of 440. She is the first woman to set a new record and we’re honoring her for this achievement.”

League director Carmen Arinella also joined in the presentation to Landry, who received a framed copy of the scoresheet.

“Charlene, we thought that was a special time in our league’s history for you,” said Arinella. “You’re the first woman to bowl a score like 440 and I think you’ve done a great job.”

Landry, who once bowled in the North Shore women’s pro league, said her hook (curve) ball was working especially well in the first strings.

“When the third string started and I began with a spare, I felt I could keep it going,” said Landry. “I was on my game and just focusing on bowling.”

Landry had three strikes and 15 spares in 30 boxes on her way to the record-breaking score.

Landry, 41, began bowling at Jim Barber’s Lucky Strike Alleys when she was five years old. A graduate of Essex Agricultural Institute where she played basketball and soccer, Landry bowled a 402 triple at Lucky Strike when she was 19 years old.

Landry comes from a bowling family.

“My mother (Arline) once bowled on Candlepins for Cash and my father [Norm Landry] bowled in the city league,” said Charlene. “My two brothers, Steven Landry and Norm Landry Jr., also bowled in the city league.”

Landry is engaged to Doug Drew, a commercial fisherman from Marblehead who also bowls in the league.

“We met in the City League five years ago,” said Landry. “Hopefully we’ll be getting married next year. I consider the people in this league as family.”

“Charlene is a very good bowler, very competitive and it’s been a pleasure bowling with her all these years,” said league director Dorothy Arinella. “She deserves this special award for the tremendous score she bowled.”


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