Lynn Showing its Colors, again

In the entire state of Massachusetts there are 1700 public school buildings. A recent study conducted by the state of all those buildings found 23 in the dead on arrival category.

Two of those are located in the area – that is – in Lynn and in, of all places, Marblehead.

Here, the Thurgood Marshall Middle School, built in 1923, serves almost 900 students. It is the rough equivalent of a slum in need of heating and electricity and science labs. It has no science labs and has no public address system.

Obviously, this school is an embarrassment to the city of Lynn and a cruel disappointment to every kid that is forced to be in that building everyday.

Why, we would ask, have no efforts been made to approach the General Electric Company to provide two or three science labs for this school?

Why have local businessmen who care not been approached about donating a public address system and why haven’t local tradesmen been asked for their efforts to correct whatever is wrong with the heating system and electricity?

Why no outreach? Why only excuses, excuses, excuses?

In Marblehead, those people ought to know better. They are so rich but so cheap.

Here, in Lynn the city should hang its head in shame for doing so little to make life better in that school.

How is it that everyone around here in a position of responsibility, paid so well, pensioned so nicely and taken care of in every way, is able to throw his hands into the air and say nothing can be done?

It is sad but it is more pathetic and helpless than sad.

Can you imagine having your kid in such a school?

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