Redistricting Requires Lynn as Part of North Shore

The Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce is leading an important effort to maintain Lynn’s presence in the Sixth Congressional District and the continuity of the district.

Ralph Sevinor, chairman of the LACC board, and Taso Nikolakopoulos, chairman of the government affairs committee, are leading the effort under the overall coordination of the Chamber and its outstanding executive director Leslie Gould.

Their combined effort, along with many, many others in this community who share their beliefs, is that Lynn should remain in the 6th Essex Street.

We agree completely with their reasoning in the matter.

Lynn in any other place but the 6th District is out of place.

Sevinor and Tierney are presently the lead voices trying to cement Lynn’s place.

To that end, they will be among many voices collecting at a June 20th event open to the public and to be held at Lynn City Hall which will begin at 6:00 p.m.

It is an open meeting. The public is invited.

We urge everyone with an interest in our position in this state to attend.

Lynn in any district other than the 6th is ill-advised.

It sits perfectly as a North Shore anchor post industrial-suburban city.

The business community believes much is at stake for the city and for the district.

We again agree.

Every effort must be made to keep Lynn in the 6th District.

To that end, the Lynn Area Chamber of Com and the North Shore Alliance for Economic Development have come together to sponsor this initiative.

For additional information regarding this effort, go to  HYPERLINK “”

Lynn has more in common with everything North of it than it does with everything south of it.

End of discussion.

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