Graduation Class of 2011

Graduates from all of Lynn’s public high schools and its private high school marks the moment the members of the Class of 2011 go out into the real world and truly begin the unfolding stories of their lives.

For many graduates, this achievement will be but the first in a long line of them.

Many grauates will be going on to further their education at four year colleges and universities. Many others will go to two year colleges or to community colleges or into the armed forces. Still others will begin with training for a trade or a profession that takes them immediately into the business world.

The sky is the limit for these girls and boys – young men and women, actually.

They are old enough to understand what the world is all about but not old enough yet to have experienced everything that life is going to throw at them.

Since 2008, it is a brave new world out there for high school and college graduates. It is a brave new world for all of us in business for parents struggling to send their kids through college or to care for an elderly parent.

The recession has changed the economic world.

What was absolutely certain – like a job, a bank account, a credit card or two, is no longer assured.

There is very little job security and very few jobs around for young people just coming into the job marketplace.

It is hard to know what exactly to do.

But these kids from this graduating class will get on well.

They are better prepared than those who came before even though they are emerging into an economy that is somewhat weaker and with not as much opportunity.

We congratulate the 2011 graduates and their parents and loved ones.

Life in these United States remains pretty good even if opportunity has been cut back just a bit.

You are all just starting out on a long and winding road.

Our best wishes and good luck to all of you.

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