DCR and the Beaches

The Department of Conservation and Recreation has done another outstanding job this summer of keeping the beaches clean and manicured and we’ve had another precious summer of our lives without the God awful stench that existed for a century before former DCR Commissioner Rick Sullivan caused it to disappear.

Mr. Sullivan was a great friend to this city and to its public places and especially to Lynn/Nahant Beach. DCR Commissioner Ed Lambert, Sullivan’s replacement, seems to have picked up where Sullivan left off.

This summer the beaches have faced challenges with all the construction going on the Lynn/Nahant Causeway. Also, the water has, a few times, been found to have higher than normal levels of bacteria – which frankly – hasn’t happened in quite some time along the shore here.

DCR has done a great job – a totally heads up hard work, smart work job of keeping the beaches the way they ought to be.

Our compliments to everyone in the Lynn/Nahant division of DCR because you folks are maintaining the beaches and the bath house in a first rate manner. The odor problem remains  completely under control and in all, and we believe we speak for many thousands of people, DCR employees deserve a round of thanks.

Great job.

Well done.

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