If You’re Feeling Sick, It’s The Building

Let’s pretend for a minute with a story scenario about a city like Lynn with a public television cable outlet serving the city in a lovely downtown studio set-up.

And I want to reiterate, this is a pretend story. It has no relationship whatsoever to a real story that might have similarities. Any belief that the two stories are related is purely coincidental.

That being said, let’s get on with it.

One of the board members of the cable outlet hatches a brilliant idea with his father.

“Let’s move the cable station out of its lovely confines into a space you have for rent, Dad,” the board member suggests to his father.

“Great idea,” his father answers.

After a short while, the city negotiates a fabulous lease with the father of the cable board member and then the cable station moves from its downtown digs, which are modern and appealing, to a lesser property a bit run down near to a park that overall is much less appealing.

Most people in this make believe community who care about such things wonder how the cable station could leave such a nice place and move to a lesser place.

A period of time passes and all kinds of politics and stale politics gets in the way of running the cable station.

Assertions of all kinds are made by the directors about the head of the cable station.

The mayor of the city gets involved – but she’s on the side of the director whose father has the rental agreement.

Then comes a real time major disaster that shows just how skewed an idea it was to move.

The new cable station digs has mold – and enough of it – to close the place down.

Can you imagine – a cable headquarters for a community cable company for an entire city that cannot be used because the employees would get sick if they sat inside the premises for too long.

The cable company, it turns out, is an ill building.

And then comes what the French would call the coup de gras, one member of the cable outfit has filed claims alleging she was made sick by spending time in the building.

This gets better – but remember – this is a fantasy story – with no relationship to a real story.

The director whose father owns the building lashes out at the president of the cable company claiming she’s saying the building has mold just to get out of the lease.

Can you imagine if a story like this were true?

What would the people of Lynn make of it?

I wonder.

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