Dart Dolls Are Representing the Lynnway Sports Center

The Dart Dolls are pictured at their home venue, the Lynnway Sports Center. Front row, from left, are Judy Bower, Stacey Barker, and Jen Mar¬tin. Back row, from left, are Pamela Mangini, Denise Lewis, Dina Swee¬ney, Samantha Bansfield, and Allie Bucklin. Not pictured: Coleen Wade.

Lynnway Sports Center is home to hundreds of candlepin bowlers but the Dart Dolls are also having a ball at the Lynn establishment.

The Dart Dolls are an all-female dart team that competes in the Minuteman Dart League against teams representing area VFW Posts and food establishments.

Pamela Mangini and Dina Sweeney are the co-captains of the nine-member team.

“Dina and I were socializing one night and we said, ‘We should start a dart team,’’’ said Mangini. “So we did some research on the Minuteman Dart League and started recruiting players.”

Sean Crowley, owner of the Lynnway Sports Center, immediately stepped forward and agreed to sponsor the team. Crowley purchased the jerseys that the team wears during its matches.

“Dina came up with the name, Dart Dolls,” said Mangini.

The Dolls plays their home matches Tuesday nights in the sports bar portion of the Lynnway Sports Center. The Dolls have a 12-match home and away schedule.

“We’ve played three matches and improved each time but we’re still looking for our first victory,” said Mangini. “It’s been a great time. We’ve had nothing but fun.”

The leading scorers on the team are Jen Martin, Samantha Bansfield, and Stacey Barker.

One of the key performers for the Dolls is Judy Bower, a prominent leader in the Lynn Babe Ruth Softball organization.

“I had played darts for fun a long time ago but not for any league though,” said Bower. “We’re having a great time. Everybody really enjoys it.”


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